Monday, April 28, 2008

bopeep's sheep

Lamb Number 539 and lamb number 540. I bought my first sheep, three shetland ewe 1999. Think about that. I have been breeding for less than 10 years. How do I believe that I know ANYTHING about the shetland breed? I have friends, who have bred shetlands for almost twice as long. My last twins born a few days ago were numbers 539 and 540. OK, I may not have been breeding for more than ten years, but I have bred a few lambs. If a breeder had 20 lambs every year for 20 years. They would have bred 400 lambs. I just did mine in less time. I have seen some interesting things in my lambing seasons. Not everything....but a few. I have seen some health problems....not all....but a few. I have seen some spots.....not all...but a few.
Now that I am looking back at lambings and not forward, what do I regret?
I regret that I have only come close to a natural bielset. That was my original goal in breeding spotted sheep. I failed. I believe there is one flock across the pond that has natural bielsets. I doubt that there is another shetland breeder out there in the world, with any interest in just a bielset. Breeders seem to want to only breed spots that they have already seen...or bought.
How sad.
There is a big poster showing possible shetland spots. That poster inspired me the day I put a deposit on my first sheep. Who is breeding for the spotting on that poster? Why do you all claim to be content with only one type of spot? Why should all shetland breeder follow the bidding of a few?
Where is your sense of adventure?
How many yuglet sokkets with a white tip on their tail can people want to see in their field? Whatever you call them, they all look the same after a while. Do you, a breeder, sell all your raw fleeces to one spinner? Why, if you don't..... do you let one spinner dictate what you raise? Do you only raise musket sheep because musket sells well. NO! You would be bored with all musket sheep....however many varieties of musket you could try to see. So why aren't you bored with only one politically correct type of spot?
Now, I am not talking about certain breeders....I am not naming anyone else....I am able to state my view of the state of shetland spotting without defaming anyone.
I DO want to compliment certain other breeders, however. My old friend Stephen Rouse, has reinvented the shetland spot by crossing patterns with spots. This type of spotting has influenced the spotting world in an exciting way. Who knows what will come out at the birth of these sheep. How fun! Spotted Gulmogets have energized the flecket births. Thanks Stephen.
Sandy Truckner has a wonderful invention....a line of Caped Fleckets. She has developed these spots all by herself...and everyone interested in developing spotted shetlands should be trying to acquire one. Nancy Larsen almost had a natural bielset, she has a lovely line of fleckets. Nancy sold me sheep, who finally produced spots for me. Grab one of her sheep if you can, she knows wool and has sold her own wool for many years. I've even bought and spun her value-added wool....and I haven't had time to spin much. I also want to thank Nancy K. and her own special bluff country shetlands....Her lovely photos of her spotted sheep and her incredible marketing abilities have caused her spotties to go all over this country and Canada. Good for you, Nancy. You know what you like and you can sell it too!

Now let's talk about the breeder who has gotten this far in my rantings.
How many shetland lambs did you birth this year? How many do you want to sell? How, are you going to sell them? Do you have a plan? Did you have a plan when you bred those lambs? Can you make a plan to sell what you already have? Try!
The world is expensive to live in....the livestock industry is going to get more expensive. You HAVE to be able to compete! Otherwise, you will have to cut back to a few old friends like I am doing.....and how sad that would be!!!!

If you are trying to breed some exciting spots....I would love to contribute to your ideas. Write me. I have a little experience in crossing lines to get different spots. Maybe I can help you achieve something different and wonderful! You have got to specialize to get anywhere in livestock these days. Think about your ideal sheep....and try for it. If you think it is ideal, you can convince someone else it is ideal and they will buy it too.
All these little sheepies need a home. They all need a little love, just like us.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

yes, I still see sheep.

For those folks who think I may be sold down and out. I still see sheep out there.

Lots of bouncy lambs.

I was going to say lots of small pretty ewes.
Yes, folks...for your information....shetland ewes are supposed to be a smaller sheep. That is their breed.
I didn't get into shetlands so that I could raise meat sheep.
Boy, you should have seen the stuff I had to erase!

I have this year, arrived at what I believe is the best yuglet flecket lamb. Lovely little spotties with varied spots and milti-colors. I see these lambs already playing with others of their own image. How do they know? I don't have mirrors in the barn. I am very impressed with these last remnants of my breeding program. I have always loved spots....and I love the variety caused by different rams and different ewes. How exciting. If you can't spin something wonderful from a don't know how to spin.
If you haven't had a flecket haven't lived.
Order of photos....Santa....big white spot ram adorable is that!
Pair of highly varied yuglet fleckets....were nose to nose before I snapped the picture.
Waltz and her first twins...a big white spot and his sister. Ho hum. How ever did that plain moorit ewe manage to produce those lambs? He hehe, trade secret.
Hay ground...covered with sheep.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bad ideas

Has this happened at your house?
Gosh, that lawn looks so's a shame to cut it. Maybe we could put some sheep out there. It's fenced so they can't get to the road, and I'll stay outside and do some gardening.
Ha Ha Ha Ha.........Ho ho hooohho.
Don't ever think like this. It sounds too easy, and you know something will happen to make it a disaster!
Well, my first thought these days is what can my moms and lambs eat, since hay is not available....and a nice long lawn looked like a good substitute. So for two days I let ewe and lambs that were not sold out into the unbred side of the barn. That way they could follow all the other ewes out to the hay ground....where there are no fences.
Since the hay ground is about 1/2 mile away from the house....I don't always hear what is going on out there. I would like to know there is nothing endangering the ewes and lambs that have been sold.
What could be easier? The moms and lambs were fenced right next to the yard. I opened the gate and moms ran out to eat grass...the baaing lambs soon decided to follow the moms.
I got down on my knees.....not an easy job....and started creating a garden for my new Lavender plants...thanks to Angela! And I moved the lovely daylilies out of their pots....where they had spent last summer....The plants all went out in the south part of the yard.
As I was kneeling, I saw a ewe who didn't belong. OK....I don't remember which ewe I saw first. But as I looked up, I noticed more ewes that were not moms eating the long grass.
Sometime during the about two hours....a ewe had opened the gate into the other part of the fencing. All the ewes from the hayground were now pushing their way into the back yard. Some of the new moms and lambs were pushing their way out into the pasture side. Everyone was baaing....except me!
I wasn't even yelling....I couldn't be heard anyway. I finally got up, and went for the grain. As I passed the inside of the barn, I saw of my first ewes....trying to push out a lamb.
Minor distraction, make sure Donna doesn't lose a lamb....she's 9 now...and not as agile as a younger ewe.
Armed with a bucket of grain....I began throwing grain, and calling baaing sheep. They didn't know the program.
As a shepherd, you know, sheep get used to a certain way of doing things. They hadn't been in the back yard they didn't know which way to run. Half of the ewes came out and not many of the 70 odd lambs....who were now running back and forth wondering where mom went. Lambs wonder out loud....very out loud! During the din, my husband got the lawn mower going....thinking it would drive the sheep out of the yard. Actually, most just ran back and forth.
It did however, add to the level of noise.
I figured out how to move some ewes away from the gates with interior fencing. Eventually we got down to a dozen lambs running back and forth. I opened the gates wide enough to let lambs in but not wide enough to let ewes out. Finally the lambs got into the pasture fencing. They actually all got into the night fencing too. I really don't know how. But they were all mixed up. Two yearlings were watching Donna push. One or two moms couldn't find their lambs. So I went from one baaing ewe to the other looking for lost lambs. The yearling ewes lost interest, and I helped Donna clean the nose of her sputtering ram lamb. Off to find another lamb. I heard baaing from the jug, and looked right at the offending ram lamb, He wasn't baaing. Against the wall, there were fencing panels tied in place. Over them was a blanket....behind the blanket was a ram lamb. Wedged into the wall.....I untied all the panels and lifted the ram lamb out. Then I went back to revive the ewe lamb that Donna had just pushed out. I opened the sides. Everyone was now together.
Tomorrow...which in the sceme of things was today....the sheep could all go out to the hayground to eat. Heck with the hay crop...we need the grass.
So today, the ewes and lambs noisily made their way out to the grass....during the day many of them got turned around and wandered down the creek in the woods. They were trapped outside the pastures, and openings had to be made to let them back out. Oh well, what do you expect when there are no fences?
The second problem with today, was that the fencing at the edge of the hay ground was down from flooding. Logs and sticks, grass and leaves matted onto fencing took some posts down...took some with the fencing....all lay in a jumble at the edge of the pastures. So this afternoon, we took the posts off, shook off the matting....pounded posts back in, and reattached the fences. Only about 150 feet of fencing....but it made me feel better. At the end of the day, the fences could be closed to the hayground. Good, since with the lambs playing outside the night fencing. I quit. They can stay where they are tonight. Hopefully there won't be anything chasing them. The dogs can bark....and I'll rest. Go in the barn, you can find it. Go to sleep.
The flowers got watered today, from above...I didn't get that far myself. Sorry, I didn't look to see how much the flowers were watered either.
Don't let that back yard fool you.
It might be a bad idea.

Friday, April 18, 2008

dreary and not dreary

Are you stuck in a non-spring moment?

Today it calls for rain and storms.


Better than snow and ice...and floods....and wind storms...and earthquakes.


Had one of those too.
All it did was get me out of bed. Us northerners are used to I just got up and checked the sheep.
Have you started lambing season yet?
I hope your girls don't make you wait too long.
We have had plenty of yellow lambs this year. Poor moms lick and wrinkle their nose.
We had an older ewe bred at thanksgiving last i am waiting for her to figure out how to push.
Top photo is Sprinkles...she is going to New York with her mom.
Others are of our last flood. Rams in their shelter, trying to ignore the water running over their dam.
Sorry, blogger didn't like my other photos....some days are just like that.
Going to check the barn in the rain.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I saw it once today...

I have been encouraged to post nice photos for my friends who are not experiencing spring.
Flowers in the rain, and flood photos of the lambs pasture...before and after. You can see the lambs and moms out with their re-appearing lake. The after photo shows the fence still down outside the lamb area...and the condition of the ground after the flooding water scoured the grass off the dirt.
The cute lamb pictures are of Do si do and her first ram lamb...this is the lambs first walk outside the barn down to the pastures and the other lambs.
Ok, the top photos are from before the last flooding rains.
Spotted rams are cute cute cute.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

not again.....argh!

I was going out to take some photos today. Good sunshine...most of the stuff falling from the sky is it doesn't get on the camera lens....
Seems the fences were worse than I had seen. Under the cedar trees, the fences were leaning. It only took a few days for the ewes to decide that meant more food. Over they went, taking their lambs with them. It took me a while to notice. On the far side of the gates by the know the one with the five foot hole in the ground.....were some white things? Dogs? Are those our dogs, playing with some smaller dogs? Then as my husband heard dogs....and ran for his gun....I saw the lamb in the middle. As I jumped the fences, I could tell those were not dogs...but ewes on the wrong side of the fences. Seems almost all of the 40 some ewes and 70 some lambs had made a break for the woods. Lambs were running and ewes and lambs screaming. "where's my other lamb?"" Where's my mommy?" Unfortunately, the ewes were in several places. Some of the east fence was down too. Moms and lambs ran up to the road. Now we were paniced....what if a car came by? Grain buckets meant the moms jumped back over the fence...but fat little lambs tried to slip thru the holes....I was grabbing stuck lambs and lifting them over. As we pounded some of the posts upright...I picked up ewes and handed them to my husband over the fence. I found a ewe who had gotten caught in the old electric fence wire. She wrapped and twisted the wire first around her neck, then around her legs....slowing her down so she hadn't choked by the time I found her.
I really hate floods now. It's one thing to stand a few hundred feet of fencing back up so the sheep might not jump it.....but this job of detaching fencing and redoing posts will take all summer. As night falls, I can fence the group out of the questionable fencing....and open a bale of hay. More grain and hay should get us thru the night.
Tomorrows another day.
One of these days the sun will shine.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What? am I doing?

The word from Missouri is "dry"ing out again.

We just got the road cleared, the phone back, and the rams
Another round of 6 inches of rain in one day, triggered more of the same here.
Can the flooding creeks go higher?
Yes, it appears they can. Someday when I can handle the pictures I'll post a few.
I will say the fencing will not recover well. It seems you work on one section....and then walk around and suddenly realize there is no fence???? My husband did that today as we caught the rams....again....after their pasture was under several feed of water. My husband and shepherd in training...went to get the fence post pounder to help straighter some fencing....It's over by the gate. Just then, I heard his voice...there is no's all washed into the woods!

We are however doing well. Our feed store found a few bales of hay. The lamb's lake is getting smaller. Our neighbor pulled his truck back out of the creek. Two others are not so lucky, with their homes getting water damage. Considering there are only five of us on this road....we ARE the lucky ones. We may have snow tomorrow....can that happen? Our pyrs were lost for four hours but came home....happily.
We do have ram lambs....yes, we do.
We are having a party in parties!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Living is wonderful!

As I grow older, I am reminded it beats the alternative.
I laughed out loud this morning as I was reminded by old friends how silly my life has been. Yes, sometimes I have asked for it....what ever it has been....but we have had fun along the way.
I am blessed with my partner of ??? 40 some years. We have family who are treasures, both children, and brothers and extended family.
But look at me....I the contrary of a statement made by one of the other breeders....I have made friends along the way. How amazing to have friends from different times...friends of many years of growing. Friends who live miles away...yet still are close. This is one reason I am selling many of my little sheep. I would like to go travel and visit old friends...before my old brain forgets who they are...or who I am. I say that honestly, knowing the problems of aged parents can visit their children.
May you all be blessed with old friends...those who knew you when....whatever you were when you were a child or an adult. There is a comfort to knowing the past so well, and still accepting our friends....especially accepting the quirky old shepherd I have become.

Now, I may not be older than some of my clients, one, who bought her first shetlands at age 79.
But maybe I don't age well. Let me tell you I don't move well....and to that end we will NOT move from this place. We may live somewhere else...but we won't move. Even this last move was a story of disasters. We needed to fence this place for sheep before the sheep moved. So I drove back and forth from Wisconsin every week to put in fencing. Because the fellow that took care of my present ranch was running a truck garden when we bought, I wore a never knew who would pull into the property. I used to arrive to the empty house....the remote empty house, just after dark. As I unlocked the door, I would hope no one had broken one was still one would notice I was staying by myself. The phone was fitfull...most often requiring the help of the operator to call to Wisconsin. My husband was still working in Wisconsin, when the shippers called to say they were picking up my sheep early. We had arranged for a trip, where the shippers had a paid trip home. So months before our Wisconsin farm sold, before the furniture was moved out, before the cupboards were packed, We formed a convoy of 64 ewes in a trailer, two small red trucks carrying 7 cats, a goose, and our old ewe, Dayspring Panda....litter boxes, cat food, sheep buckets and feed. The sheep and the shepherd now lived in Missouri. My poor husband now lived in Wisconsin, where he had to sell the property, take care of inspections and repairs, move all remaining clothing, dishes, furniture, and fencing out....into storage, or our little cottage...finish his work, and move the remaining ram lambs to Missouri. Our daughter was again required to clean the entire was again absent for the cleaning day.
As you can see our moving from house to house has many stories....we just don't move well.
I would love to show you the view from the windoew next to me. Little pink blossoms dot the peach tree branches, the pond lays calm, reflecting the trees on it's border...the big white dog is lounging there, waiting for the adventure of walking the sheep out to their pasture.
Somewhere in the barn pastures, Berry is standing and laying down....looking around for her lamb....she knows it is coming, but nature is not urgent, so berry stands and walks around calling for the lamb she has carried for five months. Hopefully, she will finally get a lamb and get their jug in the barn before the next round of rains get here.
As I get ready for the day, I weigh the chores needed. We moved some rams to the south meadow, where they have food. If the water goes up, we won't be able to feed them for a few days. I need to move some two day old lambs and their moms outside, making space for the sheep who will crowd the barn in the heavy rains. There is always something interesting to walking with the dog in front of the sheep thru the sahara pasture into the hay ground and counting them as they come in. Watching the pregnant sheep deciding who is close to lambing, so I can watch them during the day. Almost done for the year....
That's good.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

inside my mind

Hey! This is a new opportunity folks. You can see how a mind works.

I think I have told you about my first sheep.
They were a substitute for my mother, dear soul, who put up with me and my family for over 14 years. I know it was far more difficult for her to lose her independence and live with her daughter, than it was for her daughter and family to have another generation trying to fit in to a new home.

There were those typical age related problems. After 25 year in the city, I decided I wanted to move to the country. We bought a lovely farm....and after several mishaps, my mother was placed by me....her bad a nursing home. I was, after all, a failure. I didn't keep my mother. I felt crushing guilt. I HAD to have something else to care for....something that would take all my waking and non-sleeping moments. I NEEDED sheep.
After buying my first three sheep, and letting them rule my life....I was hooked....I needed sheep. Sheep NEEDED me. My life was again justified by care-giving. The sheep couldn't get a drink of water, hay, grain, protection, they couldn't lamb unless I wiped the lamb's mouth so it didn't inhale fluids and die. I had to teach the little ones how to find their first drink....I gave them shots. I trimmed their hoofs....We got to our own retirement age...but I was not ready to live without my sheep. They defined my life....with sheep I had a purpose...a So we moved all the sheep south. We bought lots of acres for them to graze on and had our own hay ground.
This new area that seemed so nice the first year developed droughts....three years in a the hay that the sheep depended on was farther and farther away from the sheep. Dang.
OK....So I started to sell off my ewes, too many droughts, too many sheep....I sold pregnent ewes. Ewes with lambs. many as I could. I dragged my little spotted wonders around to shows. I had web pages, I even finally had business cards made.
I'm not complaining. I did what I wanted. I started a flock of sheep who started to have spotted lambs. I worked on getting lots of different spots. Nothing was boring....most were not plain.
We had an incredible year in 2007. Most of the lambs were spotted, most were ewes, almost all were sold. OK....I was looking forward to another year of selling ewes down. Adding lambs to the mix. Sell those sheep. They don't really need me...they just need someone.
Surprise again!
Notice I haven't even complained about the big kitty that seems to find my sheep and invite them to lunch. I can deal with that. I just don't go in the woods without a gun. A few sheep to make a poor kitty happy. I don't mind. But this winter, we had winter. Not just ordinary snow...although we had that too. We had ice. Ice is quite different from snow. For one thing it's hard. Being an experienced care-giver, I know what can happen to old bones when they fall on ice. I was terrified! I had to go to the barn to feed sheep. The ground was covered with ice. The sheep couldn't walk either. The second problem with our home was that we became totally isolated in bad weather. We were in the valley until the road grader came our way. How ever many days that took.
OK. I remember winter. You get provisions before a storm. We learned to keep plenty of food on hand. Not knowing wheather the next storm would drop rain or ice or snow. Sometimes we could drive thru the low-water crossings, but trees blocked our way. Call the road grader again. Sometimes the electricity went out TV. Once the phone went phone...but we did have electricity! Yaay...and food too.

I mentioned the last-straw.
The straw was the two or three day storm that flooded missouri and came when my remember my sheep? They were pg! More surprises....even tho crowded into the barn by rising girls still wanted to give birth. And give birth, and give BIRTH!
Lambs everywhere....jugs inside of jugs. 10 bales of hay, five bales of long before we could drive out to get more hay? Argh!
I've had enough. The universe is trying to tell me something....OK already! I hear you.

I'm not going to breed sheep again.
I am no longer defined by being a shepherd.
I still feel guilty about abandoning my mother....but sheep can't make that go away. However the weather here has been threatening. I see an end to my ability to rise above the ice...the rising waters.
I am no longer thinking like a shepherd.

I know my sheep and my sheep know me.
I have been trying for several weeks to find new homes for my children, my sheep. If I find them a new home, they will not blame me for ruining their lives by not careing about them any more. The guilt continues.

How cruel can an X-shepherd be? Can she leave the sheep long enough to find out who she really is? I've made great progress over the years. I might wipe a sheep nose, but I no longer find them their first meal. You are on your own kid. I no longer feel obligated to hold dying lambs. I might lay them safely in the corner by their moms and let them pass. I'm not in charge of defects...of birthing accidents....they are no longer my fault.
I have helped 531 shetland lambs into this world. I've lost quite a few too. I expect they will meet me when I leave this world.

I'm proud of my sheep lines. I worked for many years to develop spotted sheep. I did it the old-fashioned way. Cuz, I am an old fashioned girl.
Well, Sheepies. too bad there isn't a nursing home I can ship you to. ...I need to have some time without taking care of you.
We are almost done with lambing. There are a few old friends who have reserved some lambs. I'll try to take care of them until you get them. Some nice folks have offered to take some ewes....but I don't know yet what I will be doing this summer. With all the rain we have had there should be some grass....I can find some local auctions or put an ad in the paper.

I'll let my old girls stay on...the dogs take good care of them. We'll see if the sheep can find a life without me. They maybe didn't NEED me anyway. I just thought they did.
I'm thinking about beaches. Nice warm sandy beaches...without a baa in the world.
So now that I am feeling better, and everyone else is totally confused....

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Good morning,


The sun is shining today....haven't seen that for a while.

At dawn today, I heard a call. Think about the musical call of a loon in northern minnesota.
It starts low, runs up in pitch, and then drops suddenly.
It doesn't sound like a coyote. I've never heard of wolves here. The running dogs don't bay like that...and there is no answering call.
I have heard this call at night, but it was a longer trill. Very unnerveing.
We have hawks...but they scream overhead.
As far as I know big cats sound like a woman screaming.
This is more musical.
Do blue herons call at dawn? Would their call echo over the hills?

While we are waiting for someone to ask about yesterday's special ewes.
This is a picture of Miss Dixie.
She would like to come live with you. She will bring her lunch.
That means, buy Miss Dixie.....get mom free. Just think, she comes complete with nourishing food, and a nanny.
What a deal!

Friday, April 04, 2008

blogs and sheep

Today's featured, Tropical and her twin boys, Bahama and Puerto Rico....the twins are brown and white, and tropical is black and white.
Tropical would like a new home with or without her sons.
Tassell.....who could not love this ewe? She is the only registered yearling without a new home. She loves fun and running with the other unwed girls. I missed the photo of her chasing the cat up a tree. Tassell was a single born to a black ewe....Her sire was spotted moorit....she would like a new home with someone to play with. she wasn't born this Easter....but, yes, born on Easter....As i remember we named one sheep thursday and one friday that year too. Some years you just run out of ideas for names.
Easter is a looker....but not fond of touching. If she was bred, it was late winter.
Great spinning fleece.
I am selling, and I am cutting prices. These ewes need a new home.
Think adoption!
I want to thank my friend for letting me know I was being hit by spammers. Why do they do that? What kind of kick do they get? Do they have a life? Where do they find time to even WANT to irritate other people?
Get a life, people!
There are places to go, things to see, chocolates to eat!!!
Ya gotta LOVE chocolate.
Peeps, where it is only misting today.
Got to check the barn, I saw a ewe on her way back home.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

water wings

There are lambs....there are ewes...there are ewes with and without lambs.....Some are sleeping, some are in swimming classes.
We need homes. Check with me about where I am already driving to deliver.
I am dropping my web page. There will only be photos here....or in email. We have spots....lots of spots. We have puddles....lots of puddles.
We have come up with an idea for the lambs....little yellow water wings.
More rains today....just got the electricity back on.....I hate being without electricity!!!!!
If you know of anyone looking for spots. Rapunzel is still available. She is either warm black or likely dark brown. Longer primitive fleece....and can produce spotted lambs....that's one behind her.

I will deal on prices, I will help to deliver....let's find Rapunzel a new home.
Peeps, the soggy shepherd.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

wet and wetter

I understand the upper midwest is having problems with snow and rain too....I hope it stops soon. We need some spring weather.
Thankfully, the sun is shining today.
First.....Dramatic photo of Rapunzel. She is likely a dark brown, from Ridinghood and Minwawe Pan. She had twin spotted rams this year....doesn't everyone?
Rapunzel is calm and friendly.

Then we have a picture of Magnolia and her twin ram lambs....they look just like mom. Mom is also looking for a new home. She leans toward spotted genetics...maybe you can tell.

This bottom picture, is a photo of Bejig, She has a lovely long fleece with curly tips. I kept her specifically for her fleece. She does have a big white spot ram lamb and a black ewe lamb....Bejig is looking for a hair cut and a new home. She might want to bring a lamb or two with her.

I had some photos of our new is in the pasture with the lambs....figures. They seem to have gotten lost. We had the road grader out this afternoon....not bad enough to have flooding across the low water crossings. We also had three trees down.....hopefully, by tomorrow all will be normal....whatever that is.

I am scheduling trips with sheep....if you need one or a few...let me know....maybe I'm coming to your area too. Thanks so much to those who are working with me to find homes for these pretty girls. We'll work on the boys later.