Thursday, May 20, 2010

long time no write

If you are reading this shouldn't be. This is too long a time to think I would ever go back to writing.
Yes, we had a wedding. and the next time we all got together as a family, we went to another wedding. Then we all wound up at a Halloween party. This is the type of thing that happens when you have family within driving distance. Now, if I were a younger girl....which I am not....having a few drinks and trying to break a balloon tied to someone else's leg....would have sounded like a good idea. Trust me....a person my age should sit down and watch....before they wind up on the floor.
This idea of having family within driving distance, sounds good until I try driving for 12 hours to get to be with mine. I did that again within the year. It was great. A long drive, followed by more driving, followed by a trip to visit my sister....followed by my brother's house and back for 12 hours driving to get home. I get the idea that old folks might want to move closer to family when they decide not to drive much.
I guess I haven't grown up much.
On the subject of sheep....I still have some. We lost some fencing to another flood last fall, and did have twins this spring. No one seemed to mind they didn't own the twins. So I guess my vet was right when he asked me if the sheep REALLY wanted to be bred every year. Maybe not. I kept the older ones, and the ones that had some problems having lambs....Like no bag. That's a good clue they shouldn't be bred. There were deer walking over my down fence to graze in the pasture today. They could have gotten caught by the high water....or maybe the fences should really be stood up again. Some day. At least no one has been eaten lately.
Since no one is reading this. I have to ask. What IS it with these social web pages?????
Who lives to pretend they are gathering pretend crops? Why do they want someone else to play along and send them a nail or some other dumb object?
Does anyone have a life anymore?
Is this a form of recreation I just don't understand?
Doesn't anyone talk to people in the house, across the fence, on the phone, anymore?
I tried to play along....really!
I have yet to figure out why.
Maybe it's the fact we have dial up. Things take longer. If I want to send an old rusty nail to some lovely person who thinks I would enjoy doing that , it take many many minutes to get the computer to down-load and send such a really neat object.
Now being an experienced fix-up person. I really wouldn't expect an old rusty nail to hold any stick of wood in a place I intended to put it. Let alone build something with it. The people who write these programs must laugh themselves to sleep thinking of semi-sane semi-adult people actually agreeing to spend their limited life-moments sending rusty nails and other nonsence to each other.
I can think of plenty of dumb things that don't include rusty nails and old bricks. I can watch the fish in the pond. Smell the roses, walk the dogs. Drive 12 hours. Or i can write dumb thing on my blog....and hope no one read it.
I guess everyone has their own form of recreation.


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Welcome back! I don't know you personally but I think of you every time I see Minwawe in a sheep's name, and wonder what and how are you are doing. I think about that old house you were working on, and wonder what it looks like (I love old houses). I haven't joined Facebook and probably never will, for all the reasons you mentioned (except for dial-up, as I have high-speed internet access for my home business). Yep, too many other things I'd rather do with my limited time!

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

Hi, Mary Ellen! It's good to see you're still kickin'! ;-)

Will you be at Jefferson this year?

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

MaryEllen, please email me! I lost your email addy when my old computer crashed before Christmas! And I still need a spotted Moorit ram lamb.......I love my Minwawe girls, they gave me beautiful lambs this year! Cheesecake gave me twins - a boy and a girl who is flecket - striking! And her daughter Princess gave me a beautiful flecket ewe lamb too! The spinners snatch up your girl's fleeces first now, in fact there's a waiting list for next year! LOL! Glad to see you back again!

At 5:40 AM, Blogger Becky Utecht said...

Good to see you writing again Mary Ellen. I agree on the FaceBook games, I don't understand the appeal there. I spend way too much time on the computer as it is.

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

You know way more about those Facebook games than I do - why send anyone a nail, let along a rusty one???

Our son plays all sorts of weird games on line - but I'm not in the least tempted. There are so many more things to do than spend more time on the computer.

But I admit, computers are addictive to those of us who love to research things - any things!

Love ya!


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