Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh where oh where

OK, not enough room for a long title. Anyway, spring has left. Ask my ewes. They say it was mid-80's and then I sheared them. Now they are wet and frozen. It's all my fault. Some are also very Buttons. Yes, she is still fat.....a false alarm. She hung around while I was shearing until it was her turn.....then she fought me for the entire experience. "Like, what is this rope on my nose? I am head can't tie me to a fence!!!!" "I'll break your leg....I'll jump over the fence....I'll get even." And she was so fat that I couldn't hold her against the fence. I'm down to two ewes and two rams.....I'm not excited about the ram part. My little guy has lethal horns. That is, they are life a corkscrew on both sides....for really big wine bottles! It will take two to hold him and shear him...and this weekend he is wet.
I was at the Arkansas houses for a few days. I planned to water the onions, but yesterday I woke to find pools of water and waves of sleet sitting on top of my newly planted annuals. So I left....I was not going to look out the windows all day and watch the flowers get frozen. The furnace turned on! I'm sure in a week or two the big flower store will get some flowers from somewhere south....where flowers come from.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

ohhhh blank..........oh well

Yes, they have done it again.....I have bags. Worse than that, I have an 11 year old off by herself for the second day. My hubby says it's OK, he has done this before. I'm not sure. Two years ago I had to learn how to tube. Go figure....ME!!
Last year I was present for the birth of twins. That went fine. They lived and grew. One, a ram is still here. he may be part of the problem. Of course they got out. They are shetlands. Shetlands always get out. I have learned the ewes never forget either. I hope they remember how to birth as well!
My one ray of hope is the memory of that day I caught the yearling ram. He was out of breath. My 14 year old ewe had been leading him a merry chase through the pasture. She remembered, and she wanted nothing to do with it. "Forget it Junior, she lambing days are long behind me. Now, all I want is an animal cookie in the afternoon."
I wonder if an old shepherd is as good as a new shepherd. What I lack in enthusiasm, I have in experience. I used to expect....and raise....over 80 lambs each spring. Now, I know all the problems that could appear....and I watch with a wary eye, to catch the first signs that lamb is ready.
What else do I have to do? Well, I have half a yard still not raked....and the back of another yard stacked in wet leaves. I started putting stepping stones in the front yard. I have 7.....there are about 15 waiting . There is dirt around grass yet. I want to plant! I may need to water the onions. The glads aren't in yet. I have branches to be burned. I have two kitchens with dirty dishes, and a third that needs to be torn out.
Do I need to spend the next three weeks watching lambs? Maybe. Will my other work wait? I suppose so. Hey, hubby.....what are you doing today? Can I go away for a few hours....or days?
If there are any shepherds out there. I hope your lambs are all healthy and beauthiful.