Friday, April 11, 2008

What? am I doing?

The word from Missouri is "dry"ing out again.

We just got the road cleared, the phone back, and the rams
Another round of 6 inches of rain in one day, triggered more of the same here.
Can the flooding creeks go higher?
Yes, it appears they can. Someday when I can handle the pictures I'll post a few.
I will say the fencing will not recover well. It seems you work on one section....and then walk around and suddenly realize there is no fence???? My husband did that today as we caught the rams....again....after their pasture was under several feed of water. My husband and shepherd in training...went to get the fence post pounder to help straighter some fencing....It's over by the gate. Just then, I heard his voice...there is no's all washed into the woods!

We are however doing well. Our feed store found a few bales of hay. The lamb's lake is getting smaller. Our neighbor pulled his truck back out of the creek. Two others are not so lucky, with their homes getting water damage. Considering there are only five of us on this road....we ARE the lucky ones. We may have snow tomorrow....can that happen? Our pyrs were lost for four hours but came home....happily.
We do have ram lambs....yes, we do.
We are having a party in parties!


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Garrett808 said...

Peeps! Glad to hear you made it through another flood. we made it through another blizzard!! HORRAY! Who is that 'dippity' hst moorit lamb??!! HOW CUTE!

I have a ewe in labor but had to come in and warm up a bit before heading back out with the camera!!


At 11:12 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

He's going to be a nice one indeed, Garrett! He might be out of Bippity? I have Fairy out of Bippity...she's my friendliest ewe too and very very pregnant. She's just too funny...comes up to me and yells, then sniffs, then stands there staring me in the eyes as if to say she's insulted if I didn't bring her a special present, preferably food...

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Rayna said...

My faves are the whiter ones and the pic w/ two in it. Very cute! :)


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