Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What, am I doing?

I know I am remiss. But there is always something to do.
I picked up some small bales of hay today...then our nice farmer came with another load of round bales. I was out of grain...so that needed to be moved.
One of our kittens is going in to the vets tomorrow...got to get the girl fixed before her brother figures it out. Oh yes, that makes 9 cats, still one goose....but we also have a new very young puppy....another great pyr. This one is in quarantine for a few days. I just finished her bath. Gotta' love those great pyrs.
What I am writing about is our new son-in-law. Since you all got to see the wedding photos. I thought you might be curious about how the newly-wed couple is doing.
www.citypages.com Our rock-star son in law ....Little man.....made the front page of the paper. yeay!
There is a half a photo of his wife too.
Not a bit proud of those kids for all that they have accomplished in their first year.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm ready
for yellow flowers
water that isn't white and
fat ewes
lazing in the sun.
I'm sorry to be such a whiner....I moved 14 hours south just to avoid seeing white on the ground.
It had the nerve to follow me!
Before this winter....I could count the days with snow on the ground on two hands.
I've lost count....I'm not even bothering to count.
What has happened to February????
What is this winter weather doing anywhere in February?
Has the earth tilted? What happened to having winter in December and January?
February is too close to March....remembered for gusty winds, wet heavy snowfalls that melt by noon, and marching down green streets....with other green things like green beer.
We used to live in Minnesota....north country. St Patrick's day was marked by high school tournaments.....and the last blizzard of the year.
Is this global warming? Warm water in the Pacific?
I'm tired of this ....blank.... bring on spring already!!!!!!!
Coldest in 20 years....that's what they say.
You know what is going to happen?
It will go from just above zero.....to 90 degrees.
The poor ewes now laying on their legs to keep warm, will be hiding in the woods panting.
Yellow flowers will bloom
an inch
above the ground.
I'll take it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Don't ask me....I have finally gotten to post...I'm not in charge of pictures.

Pan, had large yuglet eyes spots. But there was a white line between his eye spots and his body color.

To tell you the truth, I prefer the white nose look.

I would consider these eye spots to be fairly medium sized. The double take is Rapunzel....who has a rather birlset or bronget white neck.
You may notice Rapunzel has black eye spots but her wool is brownish toned. I've given up figuring out the reason. I would call her shetland-black.
Polka is a yuglet flecket....one of triplets, the other two were pretty solid black.
Polka has more small sized eye spots, and although she has a black nose, she lacks the black lipstick marking so common with yuglet marking.