Friday, April 04, 2008

blogs and sheep

Today's featured, Tropical and her twin boys, Bahama and Puerto Rico....the twins are brown and white, and tropical is black and white.
Tropical would like a new home with or without her sons.
Tassell.....who could not love this ewe? She is the only registered yearling without a new home. She loves fun and running with the other unwed girls. I missed the photo of her chasing the cat up a tree. Tassell was a single born to a black ewe....Her sire was spotted moorit....she would like a new home with someone to play with. she wasn't born this Easter....but, yes, born on Easter....As i remember we named one sheep thursday and one friday that year too. Some years you just run out of ideas for names.
Easter is a looker....but not fond of touching. If she was bred, it was late winter.
Great spinning fleece.
I am selling, and I am cutting prices. These ewes need a new home.
Think adoption!
I want to thank my friend for letting me know I was being hit by spammers. Why do they do that? What kind of kick do they get? Do they have a life? Where do they find time to even WANT to irritate other people?
Get a life, people!
There are places to go, things to see, chocolates to eat!!!
Ya gotta LOVE chocolate.
Peeps, where it is only misting today.
Got to check the barn, I saw a ewe on her way back home.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Juliann said...

Hi Peeps,
Don't feel bad, the spammers got my blog, too. Hit the little garbage can icon next to the unwanted post and it will delete it.


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