Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What, am I doing?

I know I am remiss. But there is always something to do.
I picked up some small bales of hay today...then our nice farmer came with another load of round bales. I was out of grain...so that needed to be moved.
One of our kittens is going in to the vets tomorrow...got to get the girl fixed before her brother figures it out. Oh yes, that makes 9 cats, still one goose....but we also have a new very young puppy....another great pyr. This one is in quarantine for a few days. I just finished her bath. Gotta' love those great pyrs.
What I am writing about is our new son-in-law. Since you all got to see the wedding photos. I thought you might be curious about how the newly-wed couple is doing.
www.citypages.com Our rock-star son in law ....Little man.....made the front page of the paper. yeay!
There is a half a photo of his wife too.
Not a bit proud of those kids for all that they have accomplished in their first year.


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