Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm ready
for yellow flowers
water that isn't white and
fat ewes
lazing in the sun.
I'm sorry to be such a whiner....I moved 14 hours south just to avoid seeing white on the ground.
It had the nerve to follow me!
Before this winter....I could count the days with snow on the ground on two hands.
I've lost count....I'm not even bothering to count.
What has happened to February????
What is this winter weather doing anywhere in February?
Has the earth tilted? What happened to having winter in December and January?
February is too close to March....remembered for gusty winds, wet heavy snowfalls that melt by noon, and marching down green streets....with other green things like green beer.
We used to live in Minnesota....north country. St Patrick's day was marked by high school tournaments.....and the last blizzard of the year.
Is this global warming? Warm water in the Pacific?
I'm tired of this ....blank.... bring on spring already!!!!!!!
Coldest in 20 years....that's what they say.
You know what is going to happen?
It will go from just above 90 degrees.
The poor ewes now laying on their legs to keep warm, will be hiding in the woods panting.
Yellow flowers will bloom
an inch
above the ground.
I'll take it.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

Hey, but it's almost always warmer where you are than in Minnesota - especially at this time of year.

When does lambing begin? Your silence had me wondering if they've already begun to have the little ones - hope not, given the nasty weather down there. How many ewes are pregnant?

Winter indeed. We still have St. Patty's Day snowstorms here in central Jersey nearly every year...

Grin and bear it - with an Irish beer!

At 7:35 AM, Blogger Juliann said...

Peeps, the snow and ice are following you because they LIKE you! lol!


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