Sunday, June 18, 2006

singin' in the rain

Woweee! We finally got some rain yesterday.
So far, things are looking much better....I can see little green sprouts coming up through the yellow. The sheep, however seen very discontent. There is a lot of noise out there this morning. I'm not sure if the moms have disappeared, or they are intentionally not answering their lambs.
Yes, it is getting to the three month period. The ram lambs become very demanding and independent. The ewe lambs want mom to love and feed them all the time. The moms just want some peace.
You will find both ewes and rams becoming much friendlier now....just pet them once under the chin and on their chest....and they are friends forever.
I will start to wean my ram lambs now. I don't want to do it when it is too hot, as they will lay down and pout until they get fly-strike from the sweat.
I have been waiting for some rain to get the front pastures to grow, so the ram lambs can have part of the barn at first....then when they are done with shots, and becoming real pests I can start putting some in the back with the big rams.
These photos show Glad Rags, the black smirslet....with his dam Glory....he is always next to mom, little sister is wandering around.
The other photo is of Crackers, a yuglet flecket in black. He is from one of those big spot white sheep....Marshmello. She looks white except for two spots on each ear. This is Marshmello's first lamb. I'm guessing she is AgAa, and threw the Aa this time. I will have to repeat the breeding and see if she does have an Ag lamb. Crackers is AaAaBBBbSsSs....he got the black from his his sire is a moorit yuglet flecket.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

How the heck did things get so DRY there??? I thought you were floating away this spring.... ?

Anyway, I'm glad you got some rain. I just came in from mowing the ram's paddock!


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