Thursday, June 15, 2006

bielset...or bielset

My favorite marking of all time is a bielset....I would love to see a nice wide bielset ring on a plain sheep. I have seen photos of such a flock somewhere over the ocean. I haven't seen the lone ring on any sheep here.
Oh, I think we are getting lots closer to this marking. We are already seeing yuglet or smirslet faces that close the white gap down the there is only a white tip on the nose and maybe a white krunet.

As you can see by the photos of glossy, top right and glad rags her twin bottom right....there is a big difference in a sheep with a bielset collar....

Now, glossy has even less white on her face...we can imagine a time when a lamb would show very small spots of white as the yuglet smirslet marking close over each other....Voila! we are left with only a collar. The other unremarkable photo, is of twilight. Yes, she carries spots...but doesn't express them....except for this small thin line of white. The line still remains although twilight is a year old. It is not an ideal bielset is a white line.

I suppose I will eventually register twilight....maybe as a smirslet?...maybe as a bielset?


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