Thursday, June 08, 2006

eleven colors

Well, good news about the color terms mioget and fawn as used in shetland sheep.....The people doing test breedings, and having more than one mioget or fawn sheep....are saying the colors are similar...and that one sheep can change to show a different shade from year to year.
What does this mean to me?
That I can call the sheep fawn or mioget as I see it....there could now be proof that there is no actual genetic difference between these two colors.
Oh, shetland myth!....these are secrets shared in no publications. If you ask older breeders, usually they will only be naming one shade a fawn....or they only own mioget. I've posted photos of one of my ewes for three one has ventured a guess as to her color.
Well, maybe they think I am baiting them to answer so I can jump on a wrong answer...or maybe they just think I am dumb, and can't name her color myself. many mioget sheep do you own? I can finally say I am getting miogets, and I recognize that they are turning mioget. The people I originally bought sheep from wre local...midwest...and established breeders....but they called a sheep moorit or black or musket or grey.
I remember buying my first three ewes...and I was told that musket was a rare color...and so she cost more. Wow....interesting....actually there was a time in the midwest when shetlands were rare....and indeed musket was rare too.
I think we can consider ourselves lucky to have the internet, and the series of shows and that we can actually meet other breeders and see more shetlands.
Oh boy....take some time to go see those big flocks....breeders having a couple dozen sheep.....or more, depending on how addicted they are to shetlands. If you handle enough fawn and mioget can go home and see more in your own flock.

The photos are of two ewe lambs both turning mioget...ha ha...or fawn.
The one ewe looks more fawn, but she was in the shade. Notice, her mom is also mioget...however she was sold under the term "light moorit"....One of my first dozen ewes was a "light moorit"....turned out she was also mioget....the breeder just didn't realize the difference.
That mioget ewe produced the dam to the other photo....Miss Trotter.
We can all learn something about Miss Trotter.....her genetics come from a recessive modifier.....her dam, Ridinghood is a BBBb.....she carries a modifier....and bred to a black with a recessive modifier....she produced last year a shetland, she looked like what they call dark brown....but I'll bet she is just shetland black!!!!!
This year Ridinghood made up for her single ewe, and turned out triplets. Two black mioget. Remember, if both sheep carry a might not see a modified color in the lambs.
Guess what the other shetland myth is........???


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