Friday, June 16, 2006

bielset saga

How exciting....I asked for some bielset photos and I got really nice bielset photos!
How nice can sheep people be?....
I think the top photo from Sandy Truckner is a good example of a sheep who has a closed face...that is the yuglets or smirslet lines are no longer there leaving a totally black face, and a cute neck ring...bielset in the max! and what a cute doll...there are two photos from sheep on Nancy Larsen's farm. The second photo, licorice, is similar to the whole flock that I saw pictured across the ocean. This is what I have been looking for for years....the only one I think I had was out of a ewe I sold before she lambed....never do that!!!!!
The bottom photo is one of waaay lucky is actually, Nancy Larsen has always bred spotted sheep. It goes beyond luck to experience.
Anyway, Nancy has triplet spotted lambs this year, along with all her others....this bielset looks like she is brown.
The ram photo is from Nadine Chounet, thanks Nadine!
The magnificent ram....I'm sure which ever order the photo is in.... everyone here can tell it's a ram....This is I believe, minwawe Bowler...go figure....Is he not good looking???? He should be about two? Something about little rams growing more horn for protection? I had another little ram named Rumplestiltzkin....who might have had more horn...but these have wonderful curve.
So Bowler, is indeed a bielset, along with his other spots.
The sum total of my saga, is that it never ends....there is always breeding season 06-07....wonder what we will get?


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