Friday, June 09, 2006

what do sheep do when it is hot?

These photos are from this morning....the sheep in the south soon believe in daily naps in the shade....Ridinghood had triplets this spring. The lambs are hiding with mom in the shade of the barn, and anything else that happens to be standing around in the shade.
I'm sure mom appreciates their hot little breath aiming in her direction....

The rams on the other hand, have no barn to hid in....what they presently have is the old chimney from the old wood house. Cinder is the oldest ram in this group, but he has a little trouble getting pushed around by one of the younger more aggressive rams. Cinder aparently has figured out that the stone chimney in the trees has some cooling ability. Perhaps the wind comes down the chimney and cools him. He certainly wasn't going to jump down from the hearth, and lose his favorite spot. The rest of the sheep were eating in the shade of the trees.


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