Friday, May 26, 2006


It's been a while since we put on a wedding for our kids. Last Saturday was the day.
While we knew about the spot for almost a year....our little cottage in Wisconsin....we really worked hard to pull it together at the last minute.
For daughter said to wait for flowers until the week of the wedding. Then buy what was blooming, and simply place pots around in the garden beds.
That would have worked well....if there was any time to buy flowers and place pots.
The flowers we bought between Wednesday morning and Saturday, rode on the top of loads of decking boards--rocks for the pond--and bags of mulch for the garage floor.
Fortunately....the big do-it-yourself-store...the one closest to our spot....meaning only 45 minutes one-way!....had just received a load of blooming rose plants. Unfortunately, they didn't have time to take them out of their plastic wrapped wood crates. It was hands didn't have to show in the photos....roses have really big thorns....especially if you have to climb into wood crates with them to pull the ones you like out.
My rose bushes were hard-won. I loaded them into really in-expensive footed urns.
There was no time to actually plant those extra bag of mulch were poured into the urns to keep them from flying into the corn field across the street.
Fly was what one of the tents was trying to do. No, I didn't have a post hammer with me, but one of the guests handily pounded the metal t-posts in next to the tent poles with my Dad's old vise. Not easy...but heavy!
The winds on top of the river bluffs slowed just in time for the evening wedding.
Our daughter and her almost-husband chose to make their vows on the deck, that I had built on Wednesday putting in the kitchen sink, and putting in a shower in the bath.
Friday evening lots of young guests arrived with tents and r-v's moving in for the event. Our eldest son spent the groom's dinner at the cottage wiring hundreds of lanterns, and twinkle-lights for the big day. It was amazing....after the dinner, and another late-night trip to another BIG store for last minute husband and I actually turned off the truck lights on the gravel road, so we could look at the fairy-land sight!
Aside from my total lack of appropriate clothing for the lovely wedding (I had to borrow a shirt to wear with my jeans!) and the three girls and the bride taking a really long time trying to get dressed in a 10 foot bedroom....while they were also making their own bouquets!!!! So who could blame them....We had a wonderful time.
The candles set along the paths through the woods were were the tent lights...the fire...and the pond....finished with a load of rocks on Thursday. We had loads of fun with our old buddies....Jane and John , and finally crashed in their r-v to avoid the young folks who never sleep.
It was wonderful to finish the errands on Sunday, and start back home to our wonderful friends Mary and Jim, How amazing to have friends nice enough to watch 80 lambs, 80? sheep, two dogs, 7 cats and a goose for a week!!
Thanks folks.
We couldn't have done it without you!


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