Friday, May 12, 2006

Thursday evening

The water level from our little flood is going down. The road in here isn't very good, but I expect the county is already fixing roads that washed away.
I let the sheep out into the west pasture again....but today I got them back in with grain before the sun went down. Last night it was really hard to get the moms and especially the lambs inside the safe fence. I had run out of grain...and some of my moms want to know that there is actually grain in my bucket before they will follow me.
There is still water ponding in the grass near the barn. I don't know if that is the water level, or just drainage from the pond by the actually ran over the top....first time we had seen that happen. We had been wet before this last 4 inch rain....but the creeks went back down quite fast.
I am amazed how fast the lambs are learning to jump through the water. Our cats will jump through the creek to get in the south meadow....and they like water almost as much as sheep.


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