Monday, June 12, 2006

missed it !!!

Rain rain...come back!
Yes, down here in the lower forests and valleys of the Ozarks...we missed it.
Oh I had one big black cloud come over...right when I was out in the field trying to capture a photo. I half ran for cover and the wind came that 6 drops of rain could be sqeezed out over our dusty fields. Yes, up north, they had up to 3 inches....and flood
That's OK...we sill have the meadow...that should last in a green tone until something falls from the skys. It does help to have it cloudy...doesn't bake the moisture out as fast.

I finally updated my web page with photos of some of my lambs!

Isn't it hard to decide who is pretty or best? I still like the miogets, and the spots. I think tu-tu will be lovely, and rose red is one of the best. Have you ever noticed how lambs suspect foul play when we approach them with a camera? that human comes...maybe she has shots...I'll get on the other side of my mom...that will protect me!

And the more we angle for that photo...the more the lamb tries to keep far away from us. Well I really do have shots, and need to catch them all soon....most of the older lambs are half weaned by their moms already. I'll be out chasing lambs.


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