Tuesday, June 06, 2006

home again

After leaving home three times in the month of May, I feel like a visitor.
This last trip was a cousin-fest to northern Wisconsin. Wow....sisters really have fun.
I felt just like a sister with my girl cousins, as we joked and zigged our way through the politics and beauty of the reservation.
Of course, I lost some cash at the casino....but did lots of shopping. You know shopping for sheep is like shopping for anything else....First you are attracted to one, then check the price, then look for a similar one at a reduced price....and finally have a problem deciding who to buy.
This is a recent photo of Tu-tu. since she was one of the last lambs born....I was amazed to come home and find her with long legs and an attitude!
Fencing on the south meadow was done yesterday. Although I let the sheep in for an hour or so before grain time.....I put them out on the west pasture this morning. Don't want too much greenery to stuff them before they have had something to eat. I noticed the lambs had trouble getting past the creek. The narrow path through familiar green panels was lined with leaves. Everyone likes the witch-hazel bushes that grow next to the creeks. The seed pods are just ready to burst, sending seeds up to thirty feet to fall into the rocks of merrybrook.
Oh, Sinkin' has lots of witch-hazel....the wonderful smell of their waxy blossoms in February stops me in mid-step. I have three rolls of fencing down the north side of merrybrook. Hopefully, the spaces between trees won't fall to high jumping ewes.
One of the yearlings refuses to stop going between fence lines. Boppitty, the grey katmoget is jumping the fence where ever our big dog has gone over. Big-dog climbs the woven wire like a ladder....Boppitty springs over the 40 inch fence like it was a stick on the ground. Last night, she found herself jumping back on the wrong side of the fence.....all the other girls were on the east side of the barn....Boppitty was all alone on the west.
I walked out late in the evening, and let her back in with the others....she seemed put-off somehow by this result of all her crying. But, it didn't teach her a lesson.
This morning she was on the wrong side of the fence again....this time jumping over to join the flock as they headed out for breakfast.
Looking for a chance shower today....getting dry.


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