Thursday, May 11, 2006


The sun is shining this morning.
There were so many little lambs dragged outside in the rain last evening....that I am afraid to go out to see if they are sick or ...... So I will mention that we now have a new yahoo group to talk about color. If I understood this new way to scribe genetics MM and Mm....I could be better at color, maybe.
However, I think a color judgement about sheep must be learned, by handling them. And here, out in the woods....that means they have to be born first.
I did have a lovely emsket/pewter ram for color breeding last fall....but he kept crawling under the fence and I took him out before he bred someone he shouldn't. Next fall, I'll put him an escape-proof breeding pen. I'll try to post some different colors to show you.

OK, two back lambs will be mioget.....hst on the right is moorit....and the front flecket has always looked black and white....but both parents are moorit....he right now looks dark brown.
That, if it stays, could give us all a hint about his genetics.


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