Monday, June 19, 2006

a new ram

I got a new breeding ram yesterday....I didn't have to drive far....just grabbed a ram while he had his head stuck in the mineral feeder.
He was a throw-away ram lamb....the first from this ewe....Ag flecket....ho hum....but then i touched his, I like more open fleeces for spinning....ha ha as if I am ever going to find time to do that, I grabbed the ram lamb....who has nice horns, by the way....and I thought to myself...this feels nice!
So I felt the fleece again, while I looked at the locks....this looks nice too!
By the time I actually caught this little guy and felt his fleece all over his back....I was sold....he's mine now.
So I guess I'll think of someone to breed to this little AgAa guy. I'm hoping I don't fall in love with anyone elses nice fleece this summer.
The top or left photo is one of my show sheep...I know she has nice fleece....the other kind of blurry photo is of my new ram's fleece....Thanksgiving.....I think you can see the fleece is in little have to imagine the softness.


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