Wednesday, May 10, 2006

wednesday floods

This morning I awoke to the loud water noise of the creek in flood stage. Kind of a dull roar that sounds similar to a truck . The rams are confined to a small strip of grass next to their hay bale...where they are picking at the soggy dry grass leaves. Panda, my 13 year old was out in the storm in the pasture, I will need high boots to walk over to her laying on the side of the west pasture.
The moms and their lambs were crowded around the barn gate....wanting to go out to eat where they had been the day before....but now there was a twenty foot stream of fast water running between the barn and the pasture...much too much for the lambs to jump. This water is from the water topping the ram's dam. The dam doesn't keep water in, but lets the flood coming across the county road go somewhere besides over the rams.
I walked down to look at Sinkin'....must be neck-high in the middle....yesterday I walked across a slow trickle on rocks placed in the remaining stream. The rams on the other side will have to fend for themselves for a few days....until I can safely walk across. Fortunately, the water goes down almost as fast as it comes up. There is over three inches in the rain gauge this morning. Must have been all in the early morning thunderstorm.
Good news is that the mailman just pulled up....I have no idea how he drives through all these creeks running across the road. But, it means cars are not washing off the concrete low-water bridges in our valley.
I noticed Dancer and her new lambs already had forded a stream in the pasture and the brown ewe lambs were jumping in the wet grass. Just happy.... as Shetlands often seem...jumping for joy in the misty morning air.
Lots of the moms were sleeping next to their lambs in the damp hay in the barn. Looks like it will be a lean day for the moms, until the water running through the pasture begins to go down.
Good day to look at the computer inside.


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