Tuesday, May 01, 2007

flecket vs sponget

Imagine that?

I have been breeding fleckets for years....and now I read the definition and it says they are white....go read it. Ha....someone never knew how fleckets came about. Any spotted sheep has to have some color....or else we wouldn't see any spots.
So am I wrong or is the definition wrong? Could be we are both wrong.

I have frequesntly argued that to me a flecket is a white looking sheep with spots. I didn't realize then that that really was the definition. So what about the dark sheep with spots???
Thinking about it.....I usually don't have dark sheep with big over-all spots. So maybe dark sheep have smaller spots. When I have dark bodies with a lot of white showing....I do call them flecket. But it is these smaller spots that have me wondering.
I have two this year ...two that are black and white....I have several others that are going to be grey.
Based on the definitions I have just been reading these small black spots may actually be sponget. I have a ewe who was registered sponget before I got her. She is dark with spots that look like they were applied with white paint from a sponge....so maybe that's really it. I'll take her photo and show you sometime.
By the way....I have moved in the last three years....so now I have a web page that reflects that move. Check it out.


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