Sunday, April 08, 2007

sheepy lambs

The cold will start to go away tomorrow. Actually, it isn't bad outside today. Good enough that I let....well pushed, all the old mommys and their lambs outside. OK....I have one set that isn't following and they are locked up....but other wise I only have two moms inside in jugs....The tail-eater from last night....and the one who had twins today.
Yaay.....that meant I could move the jugs out and find some gate panels. The girls got outside in the yard again this morning. My fault....I forgot I took one of their gates for the new mom last night. But instead of me husband started his mower, and all but two came running. I expanded the floor space for the new moms when they come in tonight. At least I hope they all come in tonight. It is still supposed to freeze. Maybe even the two in the yard will find their way home.
Bopeep it is. Lost in the woods too.
Interesting that I used that term. Remember Hansel and Gretel? That was one of my intuitive readings when I was looking for this place to live. My brain was programed with Mother Goose, and other fairey tales. Don't you just love books from your past?
Speaking of books from my past....I just started buying a childhood author that wrote my most favorite book. What are you doing for fun?


At 9:36 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Ooh, tell us what author! I love your stories. It must be so exciting at your place. And bravo to your co-shepherd, Pat.


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