Tuesday, April 10, 2007

lambs and LAMBS

Yaay, Crissy finally lambed!

It only took her two or three days. You know the type of ewe, waaaay too fat, with a bag that would rival a milk cow. She has been standing in the barn for days now. And finally she had two fully grown lambs. I can tell because the ram has horns not horn buds. Well they got out....and I'm glad her tummy can go back off the ground now.

She's a kicker....have you ever seen a kicker? The wet lamb is laying there wondering what all the noise is about and mom says "Stand up I need to lick you." kick....paw....kick. Poor lambs stand up so they keep from being kicked. Well another set of twins...one ewe one ram. Why, I ask....are all the girls plain....and all the rams fancy? Well, maybe not all of them. One of these photos is of the little lamb who has a fussy mom. This mom doesn't like things untidy....like culy white tips on the tail. Can you tell whick lamb has a short tail? Got to go back and check the barn now.


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