Thursday, April 12, 2007

snow and cold

I am so sorry to hear about all the snow and cold and wind everywhere in the midwest. There are plenty of things shepherds have to worry about....but in mid April, usually, we don't have to worry about snow.

We started out in the 30's this morning...I'm guessing about 15 degrees below normal. I have been feeding hay to everyone, since the grass doesn't grow in this cold. We have also been having the winds. Now, in a valley, I shouldn't have winds....but we are kind of long and open and the winds work like a wind tunnel. Last night the tarps were billowing and the sheep were all huddled on the other side of the barn. About 2 in the morning, I finally shooed the moms and lambs up to the area in front of the barn. I was getting tired of lambs getting lost in the dark.
I came to the south to say warm. Don't expect photos until we get aboue 50.


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