Saturday, April 28, 2007

who did I forget?

Does this happen to you? I walk by a new lamb and say good morning....ahh....what did I name you? Sorry, I'll have to look you up. This is one reason I play word association with my naming themes each year. I know the moms....I try to memorize which lambs they have. So I can run around with a starving lamb or lost lamb and find mom to feed them. But sometimes the mom's name doesn't ring a bell. Mostly this is a problem with sheep I have bought. I know Kitty's lambs because they carry cat names....Tabby, and Cub. I can't remember Donna's lambs ever. What goes with Donna?....all I can remember is the song Oh Don....nnnnn....nna. Last year I named her daughter butterfly....because she was black going grey and had big grey ears. Like butterfly wings. I came back to check my list twice on Donna's black ram and what I named him....then I renamed him least I know he is black...well, maybe he is grey but he doesn't show it yet.


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