Thursday, April 19, 2007

sheep and lambs

What else?

Has it really been four days? Well times goes fast when you are having fun....
Yes, shepherds have some loss of sleep during lambing season. Hopefully you have limited your breeding rams to a little over the 17 day cycles. If not, breeding and the resulting lambing can extend over a long period. I did this myself. Attending a show in early November caused me to run some breeding pens far into November and in some cases into December.
I have a date for the ice storm that hit Missouri....I broke up all the outside groups that day, and set up some after the storm was over. So I have a few ewes who should lamb between now and next week. But having carefully placed last years calendar somewhere "safe", I no longer have any dates for my girls being bred. Oh well, it will be over soon. I have at last bag seen, 14 ewes to go. We are at 59 lambs this morning, 440 lambs born over the years. The reason I mention last bag that some ewes will hardly show until a week before they lamb. That includes showing a bag.
The sun is shining, the temperatures going up. I will get the camera outside. Really!


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