Wednesday, April 04, 2007

lambs to come

Good morning,

We had storms yesterday, and now it is cold. I'm sure my friends up in the northland are having similar weather. Going from 80 degrees one day to 30's the next takes a lot out of sheared ewes.

I haven't let the mom's and lambs out of their side of the barn yet. I would like temps in the mid forties with the brisk winds we have....for those fluffy little lambs.

The storms did start one ewe into labor. She delivered twin ewes....yes the afternoon. Then as I slept for a couple of hours, another set of spotted twins were born. Yes, really...all by themselves....without me. One set from Captain, one from Spots.

My thrown-up-jug-fencing around the new twins was not fool-proof...and the little ewe got out and I found her in the next trip. Fortunately, she was accepted back, but I'm a little concerned that she got chilled. I may set up a real heat lamp on the mom side of the barn later....and move these lambs closer. Because of the unusually warm weather, I was only using 60 and 100 watt bulbs in my heat lamps.

I have gotten emails about losing lambs. I don't want anyone to lose a lamb. REALLY!

I didn't want to scare anyone about the remote possibilities of losing a lamb.

We had 87 lambs born last year and only lost two from that group. I just want you to know that even if you are present for the birth, you can lose a lamb. It's impossible to save everyone. Some of our shepherds work full time, and I know they worry that the dead lamb could have been saved if they weren't working....if they knew what to do....if they did something better. Maybe not. Enjoy all those wonderful bouncing healthy lambs. They are a gift.

Now if you have read this far. Yes, we have unspotted lambs. I haven't gotten a photo of my first ewe lamb yet. Oh I have photos, but they are of her ears and feet, and missed her altogether. She, Tassel, is a handful. She spent almost two weeks with only her mom for company. You know how shetland lambs love to play and have lamb races. Well, now she has company....and she is fast teaching all these new lambs to run and jump and get lost. Much to the ire of their own moms. And as you have seen in the last post....even spotted lambs can look alike. Mom's lose their own and chase the wrong ones....even when spotted.

Happy lambs. Happy ewes, and happy shepherds, to you all. May your wildest dreams of the perfect mating couple be fulfilled this spring....with the perfect lamb and lambs.


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