Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Total unknown

I am so sorry to leave my blog for such a long time with a sad story.
I know we are all bombarded right now with sad stories. And I don't want to make light of the sadness and lack of control we have over the world news and the heat affecting our own nation.
But...there is a truth to be learned, we can only control ourselves.
That's it.
Oh, you might exercise some control over small folks until they grow a little and reach that "unreasoning" age. You might think you exercise control over your partner...or your pets....but sheep.....they definite lack our control!
My own bunch of four-legs let me know each morning, that they will go where they please, and eat what they want....thank you very much!
When they see me in the area of grain distribution....they attempt to control my movements, and my piling into the back of the barn demanding food....which by thier way of thinking, has been with-held as a malicious act. If I yield to their pleadings, they climb on my person and stick their collective heads in my professional grain bucket. That's the one that froze in my other winter home....and won't hold water any more. If I am slow in redistributing the sugary grain towad their hungry mouths....the ring leader, Dutchess, orchestrates a sneak attack.
By coming from the rear and pushing....she can cause the favored grain bucket and my obtuse fly to the ground, where the bucket and any limbs under it can be trampled by the other desperate ewes wanting immediate gratification.
This tangle of un-control repeats itself daily. Affording the human room for thought about why I should subject myself to such indignities. It has occurred to me, that any control I think I have in this world, is upsurped by my interest and duty to those four-legs.
So now, getting back to the title, I appear to lack any self-control what-so-ever....and therefore am plunging into a world of unknowns....of my own making.....and it's all those four-legs fault!
Well, it's hot, and I'm in the middle of the woods, and who cares anyway!
Maybe I'll go get some grain.


At 5:58 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

How can you possibly think that you lack control??? When I read your blog, I am amazed at just how much information one must possess to raise sheep with any kind of success. The more I read, the more I realize just how much your love of sheep has forced you to control your mind and learn all you need to know about every facet of sheep, shepherds, and sheepdom. Maybe you think of it as the sheep controlling you, but I see it more as your love of sheep inspiring you to be in control of your mind, your knowledge, your abilities to meet their needs, and ever so much more.

Just my 2 cents worth...


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