Tuesday, July 18, 2006

day two...strawberry

Day two, Strawberry needs a new home....she is now $50.00....thanks to anyone checking in this is a dutch auction...her price goes down for three more days. When she is considered toast....well kind of....she is a nice little girl.
Well, as long as we have an auction going with a good hearted cause....find strawberry a new home....her tail isn't that long!
We will make this auction part of the fire benefit auction....if and when Strawberry finds a new home the result goes toward our new fire benefit auction fund, for our friend who just had a barn fire..
So bid.....or you can send me a cash donation to buy a bale of hay for the shetland sheep , and bfl sheep...who have just had their winters hay burned.
Either way...this is a wonderful community of sheep breeders.
Thanks in advance!
bopeep now considered lucky.


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