Thursday, July 20, 2006

Snowflake day one auction

Fire benefit auction ewe, Snowflake.
This will be the last auction here, until after the lamb auctions on mssbo blog.
We will add the price for Snowflake to the fire fund. She will again start at $60.00....a bargain even for an adult registered shetland.
Sheltering Pines, Snowflake was born in she is only two, and just starting her breeding career. She is a registered black, but you can easily see she is a warm brown color, carries a recessive for both moorit and for spotting. Her dam is Sheltering Pines Snowy....a black and white...and a Windsor daughter. So for you spotting lovers, we go back to 0555 here.
Snowflakes sire is Underhill Brando....and since he carries both Jamie, and Holly genetics, I am guessing Snowflake is about 25% UK genetics. Mind, I am not sure how those percentages are figured....
As you can see by her photos, Snowflake is unafraid of people, and mildly friendly....I can kiss her. She has had two single ram lambs, and I am considering breeding with this year's moorit ram. She has a wonderful build, and one of those fine UK fleeces.
When I took the tail photo...which is perfect I thought she looked a little hocky....I am mentioning it, so you know I hadn't noticed it before, and haven't seen any problem in her lambs. What you see is what you get.....she is a really nice ewe, and I don't part with friends lightly....but I have a feeling Snowflake would enjoy being in a smaller flock, so she has more attention.
If you have been drooling over Sheltering Pines you are, you can buy this girl and not feel a bit guilty, since it goes for a good cause!
Price all day today $ can bid by emailing me. Prices go down each day...this is a dutch auction.


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