Friday, July 21, 2006

day two fire benefit auction fund

Good morning, all you bright and happy folks.
Haved you hugged a sheep yet today?
Well, this is day two for Snowflake....price today is $50.00.
Snowflake volunteered to go to a nice new home so that she could buy a few bales of hay for some minnesota sheep who lost their hay in a fire.
She is a good mom, likes to be calm and curious....and is already friendly.
She would love to be in a smaller flock where she could be more important, and get lots of attention.
There is some of the old sheared last-years fleece still hanging on the rear....this is just the old mat....I wait for the rose bushes to clean these mats off my sheep.
When someone bids...the auction is over. Contact me if you have a spot for Snowflake. She is registered black, but is genetically AaAaBBBbSSSs......fleece color much more of a dark brown color...and quite fine.....I'm not good at modifieds, so I won't guess.
lucky bopeep


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