Monday, July 17, 2006

Day one....Strawberry Auction

This is Strawberry, she would be a perfect example of a mioget/fawn yearling...except she has a longer tail. Her dam, is Snowcone....snowcone carries yuglet sokket...since she had one this spring....Snowcone is also mioget...or fawn...however you want to see her.
While snowcone is a warm mellow ewe, slow-moving and curious...Strawberry is a bit more aware of her surroundings....she allowed me to take her pictures...but isn't inclined to have me pet her.....she likes grain, but won't put her head in my bucket to get it....Strawberry has an odd tail....not as long as her dam, but it has a upward curl, that I believe you can see in her photo. Except for the longer tip....strawberry has nice wool on her cheeks and poll. Strawberry's grand dam, cotton candy...had a micron of 26...., and also carries yuglet sokket...., having one this spring. Strawberry has not been exposed. But she is a bright girl, and her dam and her granddam had twins this spring.
Strawberry's sire, Windswept Sundance....she starts day one at $60.00 registered....Friay is the last day she will be for sale.


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