Friday, July 21, 2006

snowflake sold

Thank you so much everyone,
Snowflake has found a new home, and she is very proud of buying a few bales of hay for those northern sheep.
Tune into right now for our new big big BIG lamb auction.
Buy youself a cute ewe lamb or a great ram lamb...all for a good cause....YES, the auction is now on day one!
Better look fast these are really nice sheep for sale.....and every day if not sold the price goes down! Check out the action, it will be quiet other auctions until those lambs are gone....remember you need to arrange for transportation for those auction lambs from the donating farm to yours....don't bid until you have a plan....and you have to contact me to buy....! ...lokk at those cute cute lambs and will help us buy hay!
Thanks again to Snowflakes new mom, I hope she has wonderful lambs for you!
lucky bopeep


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