Tuesday, August 08, 2006

talk about the weather

Well, this was our second day over 100 here. In fact, as it climbed over 102 on the north porch, where our great pyr likes to nap....we brought her inside.
She hasn't been inside for over a year...and her feet slipped on the new floor, until she lay down by the air-conditioner and went to sleep.
I couldn't bring the sheep in.
There were girls and lambs standing in the sun all day trying to find grass in the dust.
We had pretty good grass until this last few weeks of drought. Now it's dry. The hay fields have some clover still alive, but there will be no more hay made this year.
I put out a couple more small bales of hay in the barn for the girls tonight. I have been feeding the little rams hay for over a week. Their pasture dried up first. Two days ago we had the farmer bring a couple of round bales into the big ram pasture. Big rams...not big pasture.
I suppose now, I should have had him bring the girls hay too. But I really don't know how far we will have to go for winter hay this year....so I am hoping to hold on to the round bales we have still in the field to use for fall breeding pens.
Did I say I didn't want to sell my girls? They sure deserve better than this.
talk about the weather.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

I hope the humidity isn't as high as the temp... it's been ghastly in Minnesota and here in NJ what with the high heat and awful humidity. I feel so sorry for all those critters that must live outdoors and endure that awful heat. But then there are real people out there working in this awful heat - and I feel sorry for them, too.

Did I tell you our son (and his family along with their 2 foreign exchange students) stopped in for 28 hours of whirlwind craziness? They were on their way from VT to DC - in this heat... with a car badly in need of repairs. I remember only too well what happened LAST summer with their Russian foreign exchange student in NYC and a dead car... We won't bail them out this time.

That's like trying to decide whether or not to sell your sheep, in a strange sort of way...

I'm totally off-the-wall tonite. Sorry old friend. I'll be cheerier next time - maybe...


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