Sunday, August 06, 2006

sheep and more sheep

OK....I have tried.
I really did try to make a list of everyone I didn't HAVE to own...and sell them
I can't do it.....they are nice girls...I can't sell any more right now. That's it.
I am looking down the road to a time when I can't keep so many having a small having no flock.
I know there are other breeders out there older than I am....not many...but a few.
No matter how many times I tell myself that a big flock of sheep in the middle of the woods ties me and my nice partner down.....I still am not ready to give them up!

Hello, my name is lucky, and I am addicted to sheep.
Maybe if I put the sale of these girls off....I can schedule it on the calendar...and work up to it.
I was just reading about a breeder, who bought their own sheep back....I have done that!
They do have personalities....they are little sheep-people.....I learn who they are after they are born....and wave good-bye when they are sold....sometimes with a tear in my eye.
So what to do?
Shetland sheep can have a good long life. Panda just died after 13 years.
So can I just out-live them?
Not unless I don't ever breed again...or don't ever keep another lamb.
Fat chance!
so here I am...thinking out loud again....I would love to be down to twenty or thirty sheep again. maybe that is still too many....especially if I have to leave and need someone else to take care of them.
Does anyone out there have an answer?


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

There are answers and there are answers... and only you can answer correctly.

Don't you just hate that?!! Having it dumped back into your lap like that???

It is hard to part with living, breathing, dependent beings of most sorts. I cannot imagine how hard this kind of decision would be to make.

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Emporium said...

Check out those rams!!!!! Man those are some cool looking rams.


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