Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OH Joy!

Well, it is almost spring here. The pond ice broke up last night. It was either the high winds, the 1 1/2 inches of rain or the addition of water into the pond.
Yes, the creeks are running. The Witch-hazel is blooming MMMMmmmmm. The robins have already gone north. And the flocks of geese....high in the sky....are flying your way. Whooppee.
On the other hand, we are facing two days of heavy rains on already water soaked ground. That means the large creek between me and the highway will be too high to cross sometime over night. Dang! We are also being warned of high winds. Maybe like yeaterday, when the dog beds blew off the porch. The dogs didn't mind.... they were fast asleep under the kitchen table all day. I guess it keeps the sun out of their eyes. There are running dogs in the woods, and my dogs won't come to the house for breakfast this morning. I'm hoping we keep electricity, and phone. Cell phones don't work in our valley.
Our contractor called yesterday. He has time to work on the victorian roof. Oh JOY! But has to start now, when he just gave me the figure and I haven't yet gotten any money from my friendly banker to cover the cost. I said...go ahead. I can't go down to watch/help because my working husband had to take the truck to drive thru the creek.
Now that I think about it, I must be a bit warped. I was so glad to hear we might have a roof to keep out the rains, that I didn't care what the shingles looked like. Now if I was buying a sheep....which I'm not....I would care what the wool looked like. I would ask for photos, parents genetics, and possibly go over and feel the sheep before buying. I must not be willing to wait for the choice of shingle....I did suggect a color group....aawww....a builder knows more about roofs than I do anyway. If my house had a decent roof...I would accept it, no matter what the color was. If my ewe had a lamb, I would enjoy it, no matter what it's color was.
So the saga of life as a shepherd turned house-mother continues.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Allena said...

Awww. I don't know that shingles are the same as wool. I mean you wear wool, shingles just sit up on top the the roof and you can't really see them anyway.

So as long as they are a reasonable color, black, grey, brown. Who cares?

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

I'm ready for spring too! At least I can start plant seeds in the house now. So good to visit your blog again, I've been amiss for a while....
I have 6 Nubian goat babies to bottle feed, wanna come on up??


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