Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peaceful? What next?

Good evening all you shepherds and artists and knitters and everyone!
I know, I know....I have been paralyzed myself....trying to avoid making out registrations and transfers shut all my other writing down that I have done a few....I feel better.
Which brings me to a short story.
Today, with a lull in the winter weather, we went to the store. Now for a local grocery, we are 45 minutes one way. So for an almost real store like wally world....we are an hour and a quarter one way...unless there is a slow person driving the same way we are ( which there was).
Getting my "fix" of ooh and ahh looking at cool stuff at Lowes, a fistful of paint samples and food at the grocery....we left for home. Our long driveway off the highway is home to two other full timers and two weekenders. So, as we were driving the required 10 miles an hour down our bumpy gravel road my Husband and I said something at the same time.
He said....Boy, this is remote!...and I said ....Boy, this is peaceful!
Wrong attitude.
Around the bend we slid to a slow stop seeing a tractor blocking the road. It doesn't take more than one car to block the we pulled over on the leaves on the side....then we noticed the road behind the tractor was blocked by a big bale of hay just laying there. After a little manuvering, our weekender neighbor drove past us with his bale of hay for the horses, and we drove towards home.... driving around the piles of hay left in the road.
Looking around at the saw a herd of cows standing on the hill under the high wires. Whoops....someone lost their cows.
So we went home and called the nearest cow-neighbor that answered the phone....Have you lost any cows? As we were unloading groceries, the other cow-neighbor sped by. Obviously he never heard of the 10 mile an hour speed limit. A few minutes later we followed him to announce the presence of stray cows. In the city, you could meet blocks of neighbors in 15 it takes that long to FIND a neighbor. He was turning around to see if he knew who they belonged we followed him towards home. Finally, after talking to both the cow-neighbor and the weekender neighbor....we got home to do chores....We checked the back meadow to see if we had cows....but not so far.
I really don't want cows for christmas.
So the moral is....nothing ever happens....unless you are thinking everything is peaceful!


At 12:29 PM, Blogger nanakate said...

Glad to hear you're still alive, thought maybe you lost power like us in NH for 10 days , what a nightmare. Hope you get the house you're looking at. Didn't get my usual xmas note sent beacause of the power outage , lucky to just get the shopping for the grankids done and some cards out.Have a great New year ...
your NH friend


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