Sunday, January 11, 2009

hope springs

Yes, all you hard-working shepherds....there is hope.
No, I am not being political!
It is the 11th of January, and the witch-hazel is blooming.
So hold on a little. I know we are all....and that means most of you in the far frozen north....we are seemingly stuck in the depths of winter. Here in Missouri, however the witch-hazel is blooming.
In Arkansas to the south, the birds are flocking for their move north. Spring will be coming!
My ewes however are still stuck in winter. Today....or last night....horny the ram lamb knocked over a fence panel....and being the smallest....except for his horns...which are the largest....he crawled out to smooze with the girls.
Being that horny is shorter than any of the girls....there is hope that he couldn't reach???
Of course....being shetlands....they always find a way.
So incase I find some fat ewe....ewes....five months from now.....I am recording the day.
Just in case.
But remember, spring is coming.....the witch-hazel is blooming!


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