Thursday, January 15, 2009's winter

Did I speak////write...too soon?
It will be spring soon....It just starts earlier here in the south. I have to roll out some hay for the girls tonight. We aren't sure the boys are eating hay. I hope they are, we just added some this week. But neither of us has seen them eating. Maybe they aren't hungry? If i don't see some evidence of hay disappearing....I'll but a bottle of molasses. That will convince them. My local farmer says if he has bad hay for the cows...he just pours a bottle on it. They'll eat anything with molasses. Last year my girls were eating 4 year old hay....and glad to get it. This year is better. We got two crops of hay....Next year my girls will be eating one year old hay.
We may fall below zero tonight....cold for these parts. I know a heat wave for some of you. Had a reporter throwing hot water in the air on the cable news today....even after living up there in the seems amazing.
I did start a blog about my new-old-house....I'll post a link on here when I figure out how to do it.
I am hoping they don't get this cold spell down there in Arkansas because I am going down to rake leaves tomorrow.
Happy almost spring from peeps


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