Sunday, January 04, 2009

old houses bopeep likes to struggle with old houses. This one may push the envelope.
I do have one of the realtors coming back with a metal detector to work around the old oak tree in the front yard. This tree has to be 6 to 10 feet thick, easily 150 years or more. I love this tree!
My friend and also my realtor, Nancy B, came by yesterday and picked up a few pecans. There are several pecan trees. They were pretty good even in the spring. We met the neighbors on the side. I love a neighbor who drives a police car.
We also reinstalled my first project window with new glass, and took out two stained glass windows with holes. I didn't fall thru the floor, but Nancy and Bill got really tired of hearing me say watch your step! Sorry, I didn't think of it, but we already started dropping rocks into the cisturn. There are children playing within feet of it, and I will be happier with it filled up.
We heard stories of the last full time resident, who clipped coupons. Doubt we will find much thrown away. The barn building is full of junk, but the best find was spotted by Bill....Old eagle-eye saw a big window up in the rafters topped by a screen door. With so much glass vandalized, an old window seems a great prize.
On the subject of what-comes-next, it seems that some things are meant to be. This house seems familiar enough to be part of my life for a while. Remember, you young folks....I likely have 10 years on you. Just think about it....where will you be in another 10 years....Will you need a change?
Yes, I love my peaceful remote valley, but am intrigued by the possibility of ordering a pizza delivered! And even just walking down a sidewalk. Imagaine having an antiques store within blocks. Our new old-house is in the city limits of Mammoth Spring, Arkansas. If you like adventure, I can heartly recommend the city, and the old vacation homes. You want pictures and prices? Nancy can provide them. But you can't have my house....not yet.
Yesterday, it was 62 when I went to bed. Today it is cold again. I suppose it IS january. I'll roll another hay bale out for the girls tonight, since we are expecting another round of rain and ice.
I hope all your sheepies are doing fine, and the girls are getting fat and sassy.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Allena said...

I LOVE old houses, and I LOVE fixing old houses. I would come help if it were closer.

If it makes YOU happy, then it's good.


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