Friday, January 23, 2009

who me????

I'm about ready to give up this e-techno-society. First, I am not allowed to have an opinion about political figures. That's bad enough....kind of reminds me of dictators, and secret police states...where they cart you off in the middle of the night for expressing dissent.
crap on political correctness.
I am of the opinion that 60 percent of this county's electorate are exactly the demographics presented for tv shows....12 year olds. They will believe anything....especially if it is repeated often enough.
That felt good. Now on to the problem at hand. My blog.
I rather enthusiastically started a blog about buying a victorian house. Knowing that most of you are shepherds and only interested in things sheep-like....I thought it would be interesting to see the things that happen to an old shepherd trying to adopt an old victorian house....on another blog.
Now...would you believe it? Blogger has tagged my blog as spam. Spam!!!!
How do they know it's spam???? Don't other folks buy victorian houses anymore? What criteria does the computer whiz at the keyboard have for labeling my new house blog spam????
Well....I am appalled. It must be that the use of the term "flipping" is immoral. Or maybe they are thinking of a victorian as a person...not a house style....good grief folks!!!!! I am really tired of people and computers being the judge of what I can believe and type...and dictators burning learned books....How dare they label me as spam!!!!
Rise up folks....before they make you fit the mold too. There must be some folks that can think and hold their own opinions out there....don't let them drive you into the woods too!
SPAM!!!! indeed!
By the way....I had spam hot dish last night....old family was delicious. Hit's the spot on a winter day.
On the subject of sheep. I don't see the price of grain coming down like it shot up when gas rose. So how do you explain that? Is it because those politicians are still trying to take food products and put them into gas tanks on cars? What does that accomplish? Doesn't it cost more energy to change corn into gasoline than it takes to feed it to a nice skinny sheep?
I do see hay for sale in the paper...which is better than the last two years, in my state anyway. Did you notice that sheep mineral has doubled.....that's gravel folks.....ground up rocks and how come we have to pay double the price for a bag of rocks....gas is cheaper....? Shouldn't there be some deflation of these prices now that they can ship it cheaper?
Have you complained to your local feed store?
Do you notice how all these manufacturing plants are shutting down? Lots in our state. Putting our people out of work? Do you think there is any way those corporate types aren't getting on the phone to find some factory in bombay...or long-gone, china... that can make that same product cheaper....and then ship it back here so the folks that lost their jobs can buy it with borrowed money from ....say....china. Do you see a pattern?
Aren't those wonderful people you ellected to washington...doing a wonderful job?
Peeps...the discontent.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

oh yeah ~ RIGHT! It's the people, newly elected, to blame.

You must listen to Rush...

At 5:01 PM, Blogger bopeep said...

Do I detect some sensitivity or defensiveness about certain politicians?
I don't remember calling out any of them by name?
The subject of my latest rant was regarding my house blog being called "spam". But, I wouldn't want to offend anyone needing to defend their ideals.
sooo sorry,

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Allena said...

Well, I just don't see how dropping 2 more trillion in debt isn't the way to recovery. I mean, why not borrow more? It isn't like THAT has us in trouble...oh wait..

The newly elected most certainly AREN'T making it any better. But who am I to say, when the new "stimulus" plan is all about a bunch of crap projects that aren't going to do anything except make more government offices. And we can all agree that the government does everything SOOO well. What's that saying? "Close enough for Government work" I guess that's just a fluke?

WHY is listening to Rush bad anyway? Or is it just not the "popular" way to think?

Peeps, maybe you would have better luck writing about wienie growing pills, those don't seem to get labeled as spam...

Peeps! Think what you want, write what you want, and don't worry about people being sensitive. Last time I checked, it was still a free country to speak your mind, but maybe that's going to be a thing of the past.


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