Wednesday, October 08, 2008

August 10th, no....September,.... October???

Good morning, Boys and girls....
How did it get to be October? I have no clue.
When I last was with you, I still had sheep to sell. I am now down to my own.
OK, I have three more rams to deliver, but at least they are inside my state. Finally!
It has been a difficult choice, a hard emotional battle, a sad moment, but yet worthwhile.
I have placed many sheep in new homes this past summer. It was necessary. I could not predict the weather, I could not guarantee their safety.
I want to go out of my way here and give a special thank to ALL you wonderful shepherds who asked to help me, who adopted my lambs, and my ewes and even my rams. Who send me photos of my babies living peaceful, happy days...on lush pastures, with beautiful children and adults petting them...and giving them hugs. Yes, they are missed....but it is better.
How many sheep have moved? I started out this spring feeding 74 ewes....all but 20 were pregnant. We birthed 86 lambs, forty in three days of a 100 year flood. There were over a dozen adult rams....some very nice! Yes, I even miss those rams.
I now have 22 ewes and 11 ram lambs.
On a positive note....we went to the beach! This was my constant thought all motivation for long trips delivering reward for a job well done.
There can be a life after being a shepherd for all those years.
The ewes notice the difference in numbers, the pastures now have to be mowed....the barn still needs to be cleaned!
So how are all the rest of you shepherds? You heard my tales of woe all summer....what are YOU doing? When will you be breeding? Who will you be breeding? Have you lined up a buyer? If you haven't noticed....the world is crazy out there! Oh...not as bad as they would have us all think....the people making the biggest fuss are the ones trying to pick our pockets dry so they can go to spas. Good grief.
Then there are the elections coming up. If that wasn't scarey enough...there's voter fraud, too.
I for one am tired of the political correctness, and blame game.
This is the greatest nation in the world. I am tired of the rest of the world, and certain candidates blaming all their ills on us. It's time for us to start making things again, and buying the products made in the USA. That includes shetland sheep! We have the most amazing quality and variety of Shetland sheep in the world! Give those rams a chance!
Now that I have a little time, I have some projects.
Keep you ear tuned, they could even benefit you.
I even have some stories to tell, boys and girls.....thanks to all you who have contacted my to see if I am still here. Yup!


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Kara said...

Welcome back, it is great to hear from you! The 8 you brought me are doing wonderful, we love them, and I am so grateful for you for bringing them to us. Glad you are down to manageable size flock so you can relax and enjoy a bit more, you deserve it.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Rayna said...

Yay! About time we heard something from you! Glad you got a's nice to destress sometimes. All the girls are doing lovely here, even the new additions :) Mom still adores Polka, and is hoping Do Si Do will tame down like Polka too. Still working on Frigga (Polkas this year girl), but we'll see how she goes lol *hugs*

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Corinne R. said...

SHE'S ALIVE!!!!! LOL. Good to see you back!

At 7:07 AM, Blogger Allena said...

It's wonderful to read your blog. I love the thoughts you share and the insight you have on the sheep..


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