Thursday, June 05, 2008


I hope you shepherds are all enjoying summer.

We have had hunters here twice....and yesterday, we did get our sheep out for an hour with nothing more than a noise in the woods. I used my new shepherds crook...a christmas gift from Nancy and Bill Barnett....two good shepherds here in Missouri. By the way, Nancy has some nice sheep for sale too. I can give her your email....if you want to find out about them.

I hope to deliver the sold lambs at least soon. I don't wean baby I am not sure how to deal with the few that will be still here.

We did have twins a few days ago and a ewe lamb was born this morning. I have one older ewe who has spent two days in the barn...just waiting. One other is out in the pasture. There are two suspicious ewes laying in the woods. But both are fruit-cakes...and I wouldn't know if they were pg unless they had a lamb.
In spite of our losses we do still have some lambs here. Some of our boys are starting to look pretty good.
This is a bad photo of Texas two step and Virginia reel. Our newest twins. At least I hope that's how you spell reel? Anyone?
At the top is the lovely flower garden started here because Angela Rountree was kind enough to bring me flowers from her the foreground is the rose bush just starting to bloom. Except for a few tulip bulbs...I hadn't had a flower garden since we lived in the city. I do love to look at flowers. There are lavender plants in the background....all from Angela too.
In case you were wondering how the primary was going, I am a bitter older almost white woman clinging to her guns, here in the heartland. Don't ask. What's McCain's webpage called?


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Oh Peeps! The garden is beeeeeeutiful! Keep going, find things to stuff into it - how very soothing a setting too. Wish our plants up here would work but they'd burn up in the heat...Lavender should do well, and you can pick the leaves off and put them in a pot on the woodstove - wonderful and soothing. Another herb to plant would be Rosemary - does the same thing in the house! Great winter pick me ups!

And the lambs!!!!!! OOOOOH! I love them!! Maybe they will sprout wings too......


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