Monday, June 02, 2008

sheep grazing peacefully

Do you have time to go out in the morning, and watch your sheep grazing? You should.
The morning air is gentle, the dew is one the grass, fog may be rising out farther in the fields.
The sheep hang around in groups. Moms may have their own lambs and a few extras. Some lambs find a dry place out in the middle and lay there together patiently waiting for mom to call.
This morning I tied on my gun, and walked out with the sheep. I was mentally counting lambs....twins over there....where is that mom? The sheep sensing my presence, walked to the fence by the hay ground. A bad place since we have lost so many this week. My husband came out after a while....he had his rifle, and we stood and watched the fields quietly.
I'm always full of "good" ideas. Since we are together...let's let them eat out there for an hour.
It was cool and cloudy, just the time the girls can eat well, so they can rest in the shade later in the day.
My husband took the hill, where he could see everyone well. I walked by the woods, trying to keep the ewes and lambs far from the edge of the pasture. The tall grass was wet with dew, my jeans were wet above my knees. I walked with groups of moms and lambs. As I walked I made up songs about what I was going to do to the hungry kitty. I wandered the edge of the woods, yelling my songs and clapping. Listening to the sheep eating, I figure making people noise will keep the things that belong in the woods, in the woods.
The two great pyrs walked with me. Sometimes they ran smelling things in the grass. The older pyr was laying between the sheep and the edge of the if she knew that was a good spot. The younger pyr would sit and watch the sheep, then run out with them.....then the two dogs would go into the woods for a while. I wasn't really paying attention to where they went in and out of the woods. They scared up a vulture sitting in a tree. After 55 minutes of our quiet hour.....the young pyr ran out of the woods bounding towards me. At the same time, the older dog, still in the woods was growling and barking. She had something.
I startled better than the sheep did. I called to my husband, to call the sheep out of the pasture.
He had heard the dog, and was yelling SHHHHEEEEEP! He was yelling... sheeeeep! and I was running at the tailing flock of sheep clapping and yelling..... go go GO! As some of the sheep near the gate slowed down to eat again, I fired a warning shot. The big dog had also fallen silent. We hurried back out towards the edge of the woods. The young dog and I went into the woods to see if we could hear anything, or see the other silent dog. I was calling for her. My husband reminded me that the dog when chasing something runs silent. She must be a scarey sight running big and white thru the woods at night.
So, I was quiet for a while, and I finally heard crackling in the woods, I watched and finally our big white dog came slowly walking towards me, her long tongue showing she had been running. All she wanted to do was lay down in the damp sand by the creek now.
As we all walked quietly towards the barn pastures, I was reminded of the pastoral feeding sheep. Now they were all at the barn loudly calling for food. So much for a quiet morning in the woods.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Becky Utecht said...

So glad you old dog is safe. Good luck getting that blasted cat ASAP.

At 11:01 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Waaaaaay too scary! :-(


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