Friday, May 30, 2008

What am I doing?

I'm not posting much am I?
I do drive quite a bit. We have been BBQing...and fixing fences.
I have sent many sheepy friends away from my home to other nice homes. Just this week Tassell, the one who came up to give kisses in the fields, went to a nice home with two little girls to play with. It is hard to give up friends who I thought would stay for a lifetime. It is easier when I believe them better off for leaving. But there is always the open invitation to come pick them up and bring them back home.
While on the road, I have had much time to think.
One trip, the gas price went up 10 cents a gallon over night. Does that worry anyone else? That scares me.
There is a liberal junior senator poised to become president. He silences opposition with ridicule. His followers crush disent with hatred. Does that worry anyone else? It scares me.
I saw a big rattle snake crossing our road. Does that worry anyone else? Maybe not, but it sure scares me.
I brought my flock in after a trip, and found three lambs missing. All shepherds would be sad at that finding. But, I am their shepherd, and I am responisible for their safely.
That really scares me.
I walked out to watch them grazing several times yesterday, as if I could protect them. I realized there could be a cat taking them right in front of me, and I wouldn't be able to see it.
That scares me too.
I'm sorry we have been taking rains away from other parts of the country. We have had three years of drought here. I know how bad it can be. I am scared for parts of the country not getting enough rain. The paper here keeps making deadlines for the government dole. Come sign up with Fema. Come collect your two cents for all the hay you have had to import. They will "fix" this area like they "fixed" New Orleans.
I figure fixing my fence is more useful, so I work on that.
I have found out that if something bad happens, it is neighbor helping neighbor. Family helping family. The theories that divide us are not as important as the things that band us together.

To that end, I hope to encourage you to fly the United States flag at your home, your farm, your ranch or your business. The flag is not a sign of the idiots who make the laws or run the country. It should not be used to convey hatred for bad policies. It waves over battles for our freedom. It is a sign of our vast country united for the good of all of us......against those who would do us harm. It is a sign that we will pick up our arms and fight against any threat to our union....and our collective use of our resources.
Oh, I know there are bad things that have been done under our flag. Just as there are bad things done under the guise of religion. They fly the Confederate flag in these parts. I could get in trouble flying the real flag. But, these folks are just as proud of their country as others who live in the real world....and not in the woods.
If you don't like the way things are being done in government. Write someone. Stand up and be counted against it. Run for office yourself.
See I may not be posting....but I still have my soapbox.

I know a few good shepherds who are hoping to sell some sheep. If you know someone looking for sheep. I can put you in touch. I still have some sheep myself. I even have some ewes ready to lamb. They went in with my baby ram....just before he made the ultimate journey.
I know they are livestock....but if you spend most of your days with them, they are your friends too.....or even your enemies.
Have you got a love-hate relationship with one of your sheep?
I do.
I suppose that should scare me.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger Highland Hollow said...

Mary Ellen, I think now is the time to STOP!! You are a very dear friend. I love you and Patrick very much. I think now is the time for both of us to stop.
Your Shetland cccrazy friend!!! Jane

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Ok you two.....if you both mean stop as in stop breeding, noooooooo....just keep a few, breed a few, keep them in your barn and a nice paddock and make the hay farmers mow and bale the hay. Everyone needs pets, I's good for the soul and good for the head and home too. It's a reason to love being home instead of living on the road in a motorhome. Do big round bales...put one out each month...know that your sheep are fed and you can still go sit with them and talk to them, they will always listen. Pets are there when loved ones are gone, and they are yours alone, will never leave you on purpose. :-)

At 4:58 PM, Blogger bopeep said...

Now you two have gone and made me cry....I miss the sheep I have already sold and I still need to sell more. I just don't like having my sheep eaten.
I am trying, honest, I am trying.


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