Wednesday, May 14, 2008

who, where, when?

Someday, I will get organized. It is also likely true....that I have never considered organization very important. Oh well, maybe I'll be better next year.
The reason I make these announcements, is that I pretty much know who, and where....but when can escape me.

Some of our fences have gotten propped up. Some haven't. The grass is growing....but not where there are fences. That results in constant trials of who is in the woods...and how do we get them out? There have been three days when no one in the ewe pasture got lost. Maybe the rams were lost those days....but I don't remember. I think one of the brown and white ram lambs is gone...but, haven't had the ewes in long enough to make sure. Glory finally found her ram I am hoping the missing ram lamb will show up someday.
Some of the ewes are getting to their new homes, some are still here. We are still having rain often. Between delivery trips, I have not done any shearing. Maybe later....when the drought starts again.

I do still have about a dozen ewes who should move on to new homes. If you have a cause to look for an extra ewe....ask about who is still here. I also have a few that are still expecting. Any ewe lambs still here, need to go to new homes this summer. The first batch of lambs will turn 8 weeks old this week. It would be nice to get young ewe lambs a place to live before July. They are just beginning to have real personalities.

Photos of some nice little ewe lambs who are waiting to be adopted. Maybe they can sneak their mom in too, if you have room.
Shy little ewes, looking for homes with fences, and grass and hay....learning to eat a little grain....if their moms don't get it first. Will give their adopted parents many years of companionship. Odd colors and recessive spots a possibility. Contact birth mom.


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