Monday, March 24, 2008

the straw

You have heard about the last know the one that hits the camel?
This 100 year flood has finally gotten thru to my stubborn mind.
I am not supposed to be breeding sheep.
It is now dangerous to my own health.
If I did not have a field full of sheep who depended on me for food and water and protection, and I heard there were days of heavy rain....or ice....or snow....coming, I could leave.
For that reason....I have decided to stop breeding when we have finished this spring.
There are plenty of up and coming breeders out there in the real world.
I am convinced I should be walking on a sandy beach.
We do have lambs. There are now over 40....most born in the two days of rain inside the barn.
There were jugs made with sheets, rubber tubs, camping mats, folding chairs, and sweatshirts, one jug was in the rain and covered with a tarp...poor mom and babe......Anything to keep the lambs with mom and out from under other feet.
YES....I have photos.
I am however, dropping my web you will only hear of the lambs for sale here on my blog.
This morning, I want to mention the ewe lambs that I held out from sale last year. They were mine!
Now they can be yours!
I will not keep them, because I will not be breeding them.
There are four spotted girls, and one moorit. The moorit ewe was 7th at Naile in her ewe class....she may not be the most beautiful sheep....but she may be the most friendly. Tassell would rather follow me than eat with the others. She is of normal size and will sell with one of the spotted ewes, Pearl.....I also showed Pearl at Naile....she didn't make the top 10 but has lovely open bursugget fleece. Out of my best lines of spotted sheep, Pearl is AgAa yuglet grey with grey and white spots of color. These two could also sell along with the other three ewe lambs.
Three ewe lambs from last now yearlings...not exposed. All three are out of our old head ram Pan. Twin girls from Prancer, and a single ewe from Riding hood. Prancer is a black yuglet sokket bielset.....I believe I registered the twins as black smirslet/sokket, serendippitty and is isn't....but they are typically funny and hang around with each other. The third in this group is a smaller ewe....Silver Bell....she is also a yuglet sokket, and her dam and twin brother are dark brown. Yes, Riding hood usually has dark browns...I don't know why....but they were always bred from Pan. These three ewes run together and will only be sold together. If you don't already have Nancy K's type of HST lambs. These could be yours.
I will deal, I might help deliver....these pretty sheep should not be kept in the woods.
Photos will follow, as I get my mind and body....together again.
Happy Easter a little late....sorry I was unable to post to anyone because of the phone going out in the storms. Our property survived, except for some fencing...but our nearest neighbor had to evacuate his home during the storm. Thanks for your good wishes and prayers.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I am so sorry for all the troubles you have had in the past year, what with cougars and flooding and all. You breed such beautiful spotted Shetlands that I hate to hear you are getting out of the breeding business, but as you said, there are many other breeders. Although with the price of hay and gas and what the economy is doing, I suspect many breeders are going to cut way back. I only bred three ewes, but next year I may only breed one....

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Garrett808 said...

oh dear. I do hope this is a passing feeling and that you decide to breed some of your ewes again! I keep thinking that with my goats, after all the mess they've made me in the past 10 months i should just let them all go, but then the babies come and the ones that make it are so dang cute and I just feel like 'how in the world could i get rid of them NOW'.

hopefully its not the case.

when u get a minute i'm sure we'd all love to see the spots!! :)

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

I'd be thinking of the desert country after such massive flooding... sandy beaches are nice, but they come with hurricanes where you're thinking of going!

Our love and prayers continue to be with you and yours.


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