Friday, March 28, 2008

what to do?

This is Trotter....she is a mioget, mirk face....her dam is dark brown, and her sire was minwawe Pan....she has had her first lamb....he is a flecket in moorit....Jockey....Trotter and her son need a new home...together or seperately.

This is dutchess and her twin ram lambs....Dutchess is one of my best ewes....solid....straight....took second place twice...her lambs are from a dark moorit. She has a lovely intermediate fleece...and is more than friendly....I'm not sure why I got both lambs on one side....but they are only a week old and likely haven't determined which side is theirs...Dutchess needs a new home. She is AgAaBBBbS?Ss

This could be a line from the old woman in the shoe....who had so many lambs she didn't know what to do.

It's not....although I do.
We have had some difficult weather come thru this spring. Rains, Ice, Snow, Floods....the thing we have not had wind and hail. So now, I seem to be looking over my shoulder waiting for the next weather system to come and get me.

Do you have weeks or months like this....where it seems so many small things have gome wrong...or one large things has gone wrong....that you are faced with pulling yourself together to face what comes next?

We have children who chase warn travelers....who predict where the storms are going and when. This is relevant, when one of our children calls and says a storm is coming our way. So last night, we had that warning. The tornados in our county were turning south....and according to the best predictions...should come over us in about 15 minutes.
My question is....what do you do?

I have over 50 lambs running with their moms out in my fields, and in my barn. My barn is corrugated metal. So, as I stood in my barn watching them all baaing and running....I was faced with two thoughts....first....get all the moms and lambs fenced inside the barn before the storm hits, especially with large hail coming.....and second....if the storm takes any part of the barn down, the lambs are safer being able to run away from the flying pieces of metal.

I was we left them all outside, and went in to find a safe place to hide in case the house was hit. As I was sitting, waiting for the winds to pick up....I was wondering what I should be doing? What would you do if your home was about to be destroyed? Do you pack the precious things that you have from your parents, do you not worry about the things around you...and wait to see what happens, trying to save your own hide? Our area was just hit by floods....there are lots of homes and businesses picking up the pieces of their lives. Trying to save personal things, cover ruined floors....find a place to live. What good are the "things" if you cannot enjoy seeing them? What good is your life if you can't enjoy living it? The storm rode the ridge of our valley to the north....the lambs got wet but not injured. I am still looking over my shoulder.
If you hear of anyone looking to adopt a few sheep or lambs....Tell them about my blog. I have sheep for sale....I have reasonable prices...and I will travel to help get them to their new homes.
I have a lovely new client, who was just called up to serve in Iraq....I know my problems are lots smaller....I pray that our service men and women will be safe.....that our politicians will make the best decisions....and that everyone will turn out to vote.
May your lambs be cute...and your family safe.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Gail V said...

Well, Peeps. . .
I haven't read blogs (or written, much) for weeks and weeks and then I go see yours and. . .
It's fun to see your spotties. It's sad to see you're thinking of quitting the sheep business, but. . . I understand about changing directions.
Personally, I think you should just move back to. . . umm, Iowa isn't as cold as MN or WI, but closer, how 'bout that?
Ok, just let us know where. Or will you just travel to those beaches you want to walk, and go back to Missouri?
I am sorry to hear you've had such trying times from Nature, my friend. Best wishes to you.


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