Monday, June 18, 2007

work work work

What did you do over the weekend?
I know we all have plenty to do...with new lambs and milking moms.
Did I mention I gave first CDT shows and wormed 43 lambs last week? Oh, I still have a dozen to go....but that's a big chunk.
We did.....well my husband did....BBQ on Saturday....I made potato salad....and it was a good thing, because there would be no cooking the rest of the weekend.
They are supposed to cut our hay this week....yes, as my dear friend should be good for thatching roofs by this time....but, in order to get bales of hay in the barn...something had to move out.
Mostly my old wool...which is now under tarps in the back yard. Then, under the old wool bags were lots of plastic storage boxes. Yes, it's almost three years...and we still have storage boxes....mostly family things. You know, the type of things from our youth that make us smile.
I found one several weeks was a tiny plastic cowboy hat in orange. Maybe says Phoenix on was in a box in the barn. I immediately grabbed it. I can remember playing with this hat on my finger when I was small in my grandparents home. My cousin, Dick, would have the yellow hat, and we likely played cowboy stories together. Why do these things become so important that we have to pack them and move them and store them? For years....and years...and maybe more years than that?
I don't know.....I was working with a book years ago....and it said to get rid of everything that wouldn't fit in my new life. Yes, I do too have a new in the woods....well I have a few sheep too. The things we could keep would be things that were an "altar" to our past....Well, maybe I have a few boxes of altars. he he....heh
The little hat wound up in my son's pocket, because I was doing something with my hands in the barn...and he took it back to Minnesota....and threw it in the washer...with his shirt. Yes, it came out of the wash fine....and he dutily brought it to me on my most recent trip to back to Missouri came the little hat...and it is now hanging on my wall in the bedroom.
Long aside.....

What I wanted to say was I found Regie....I knew he was in there....but with the piles of wool and storage boxes I couldn't see him. I called Pat....who was out burning wool....and said "Come see the snake."
He came in, but couldn't see Regie anymore...."Sure you saw a snake."....he went back to burning wool. Later Regie decided the boxes and bags of wool weren't coming back to his corner of the barn.....and he dutifully crawled out to find another hidy place in the barn. "Come see the snake!", I yelled....and this time my husband came into the barn, as Regie uncoiled his four or five foot long body, and headed for the other side of the barn. Wow....he is a big snake.
Although he looks mostly black, he is likely a rat snake....and is helping to clear the mice out of the barn. I know it will help if I clean out the old bedding too. But then I wouldn't want Regie to have to find another building to live in....that would be the house.
Well, I just wanted you to know that even in 90 degree heat....we can get work done here.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Karen B. said...

Don't forget to have some fun, too! Really, you work too hard. Which sheep is pictured? Took a peek at your website and am glad to see you've sold your flecket ewe lambs. Now I can stop thinking about that. I wish someone would deliver about a half dozen of them to my house. Guess I'm grateful to have 1. Keep up the great blogging, I love reading your posts.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You can keep your Reggie; I'm glad to live in an area now where we see very few snakes! I know, the rat snakes and bull snakes and garter snakes keep the rodents down, but I hate having to jump first and check to see if it's poisonous second. The downside is that my shooting skills have gotten rusty. Oh well.

Oh ye with lots of spots, could you do me a favor? I have read references to "caped fleckets," but don't know what that pattern looks like. Could you describe it, or better yet, do a blog post featuring one?

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Reggie is a good boy or girl, whichever...someone needs to provide birth control for rodents! LOL!


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