Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is it June already?

Yes, here we are....mid-June....oh my. I suppose that means it isn't spring and lambing season anymore. Well, I have almost all my girls wormed. That is progress.... I need to finish cleaning the back of the barn. Sometime next week or the week after, I have been told, they will cut and bale our hay.
I need to do CDT and ivomec on my babies. Then I am spitting my flock.
I'm planning to keep my moms and lambs out in the sahara....and put my single and older ewes in the far meadow. ....with our new puppy.
No I don't quite trust the puppy with the younger lambs, and I figure she will have to step fast to keep from being clobbered by the older sheep.

I was writing about modifiers last post. Yes, any of your sheep could be carrying a modifier. You might notice a color change...or maybe you don't. If you can breed the sheep in question to a know carrier of two might get a color change in their lamb....or if only one modifier is won't. If you have a modified color sheep and you breed it to a pattern. Patterns are Ag grey or musket....Katmoget and Gulmoget. Then, you will have a patternerd sheep with a modified color....assuming the patterned sheep also threw a modifier.

Then I wanted to say that I kept a few sheep for myself.....he he heh....
You have to know why you are keeping the new lambs. I kept several from my lost head ram Pan. He didn't leave me a showy son...but I did keep some daughters from him. I had a couple of non-showy sons from Pan that I kept from last year. One is grey, and so definitely not a "pan". One was a triplet, with facial markings and nice big horns....he is the one that disappeared. I have a similar small ram lamb with facial markings and big horns that I will hold....he is from Pan and the same dam. So I thought I would explain how I decided to keep these babies.
Prancer and Pan were identical in spotting. Prancer had a couple of Pan duplicates I am keeping her daughters, Serendipity, and Synchronicity.
Well, I labeled their photos opposite names, and sorry, I have two serendipity's up there...but you get the idea.


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